Monday, August 27, 2012

Yarn Goes Away, Yarn Appears...

It's the cycle of life for knitters! I have several new(ish) knitters in my circle of friends—at times, some of them are over-whelmed by what they perceive as my generosity--(and yes, I guess I am being generous) But I don't really feel I am being generous.. I FEEL like I unloading unwanted stash!

Out with the old—the stuff I bought on sale, (with good intentions) that,  I now realize, I am never going to knit. 
Out with the yarns that were trendy—and now look passé to my eyes.  
Out with the yarn made from inferior fibers, or garish colors or... some other fault. 
Out with lovely skeins, too-- wools, or angora's or other luxury blends... the odd ball of two that no longer speak to me. 
Out with wools that I bought to design and test and pattern with—but the fiber got discontinued—and who wants a pattern for a discontinued line of yarns?

It seems, no matter how fast I pass off balls of wool or acrylic, or smooth worsted, or fluffy novelty yarn—MORE yarns appears at my footsteps!

Here is the latest addition to my stash—a gift from Tracy S—who moved and decided to cull her stash of the yarns she has re-evaluated and that didn't make the cut. 

I took the cone of off white cotton--(another bathmat will be made sometime soon) but passed on the acid green skeins of cotton (dozens and dozens of them!) They were originally destined to be market bags—but goodness know I already have enough market bags with out knitting more.. and really ACID green?--Though, I am sure it seemed like a good idea at one point.

First there is the lovely Regia Silk sock yarn-4 skeins of it (one was balled up, and didn't make it into the photo, but its there.) 2 of them could become a pair of socks.. Or maybe a scarf--Look--I have some grey fabric (a cotton twill)  for a skirt— What a perfect match!  But, then again, I already have a half dozen pairs of socks with grey in the mix that would also match—so I could/should  make a scarf/mini shawl.

Maybe socks first, and the left overs (I always have a bit of sock yarn left over) added to the second 100 grams to make a scarf that is a smidgen bigger than one I could make from just 100 grams (there are lots of patterns for mini shawls that just require a 100 gs of sock yarn). Something lacy -but still casual. 

Isn't this JaWoll beautiful? --a blend of cotton and wool--(mostly--a bit of nylon too, for strength)
These pretty colors will match many of the skirts I plan to make this fall. I don' think I have a single pair of cotton and wool socks—and I know just the pattern to use this sock yarn! (one of my own designs, naturally!)

Then there are the bright cheerful colors of this OnLine skein—Grey,  brick red, and bright blue- Check, check check for color matches!  These are the  predominant colors all match clothes I own, or will soon own (I already have fabric). 

Which one should I knit first? Well in theory—(and reality)-- What I should do first is one of my collection of sock kits from my home made sock club collection!

Speaking of which—I could only lament the loss of the socks I started early this month so long—I've cast on and knit the cuff on another (new) pair of socks. Just like the lost pair—I haven't decided if these are secret socks or public socks—so by default they are secret of now. The yarn is from one of my homemade sock kits—and will go with clothing I already own--(or fabric that I own and plan to make into something) It's still in stock and available--so it could be for a pattern. 

Meanwhile—I continue to cleaning out closets—2 huge bags of clothes have already been donated to a local charity—and 2 more have been packed up for the next trip. My closets are slowly being emptied of old, too big clothes—A few pieces I really like with be altered (1st requirement—they must have pockets)--but the majority are going away—and the piles of fabric that I have amasses over the years will be worked up into some new clothes—I know, I have been saying this for a few years now—but I did get some sewing done this spring—and I will get more done this fall. I have to!--Almost nothing I own fits--and I don't want to be wearing skirts that are so loose that they fall off! Besides, many are too long and dowdy looking now that I am thinner.

Well most of the fall sewing of casual clothes will have to wait till after the I finished the shawl for the wedding, and my dress, and my daughters wedding coat. But not much longer than that.

I haven't lost as much weight as I had hoped—but I have kept off every pound I have lost.. And I have worked out in the pool this summer and turned some fat to muscle. Not much of change on the scale, but I am a bit trimmer, tighter and more muscled.  I will make some renewed effort—for no other reason than its healthier.

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