Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Swatch

That's been about it for knitting—and I am not even done with the swatch!

It's free hand--after knitting feather motif after feather motif, I more or less have the hang of it, and since I wanted a more rectangular shape (vs a wedge shape) I am working free hand.. Not looking at the chart at all to make this swatch.

It doesn't have to be a perfect match—just a close one. The most important part is the center (the stocking knit part) of the feather. The yarn looks (and feels) very different—and it is. It is heavier-fingering weight vs cobweb, and it is smoother—especially now, since it is coated with a wax.

Most coned yarn, intended for knitting machines, are coated with a water soluble wax. After I wash this yarn, it will bloom and be softer and have a bit of halo. It will then look more like the yarn I used for the shawl. This yarn also has a bit of silk added, (10%) vs the 100% merino wool—but I don't think that will make much of difference. Besides, in addition to this swatch, the few remaining yards of the shawl yarn will be knit up into a simple stocking knit rectangle and used for a color test swatch--just to make sure the yarns pick up the colors the same.

Once both swatches are completed, I will stretch them out, into  rectangles, and paint, while still damp. I want the colors to run and to have blends, not clear colors “with in the lines”.
The lace swatch will be to try out where each color goes, the plain swatch will be to check out how the colors absorb—just in case there is a noticeable difference.

I have also started another pair of socks.. These will have a crosswise knit lace band. I haven't even finished the band yet. But I have finally got the pattern down. It's a bit more complex than it looks at first glance. There are increases (and a single decrease) on the wrong side rows (as well as on the right side rows. I started with a few rows of stocking knit that will be undone when I finish the length—the  last row of the pattern will be grafted to the first row—making a seamless band to start.

The body of the socks will continue the leaf motif—a natural for this green yarn, don't you think?

And, (about time!) I've started my “muslin” (not muslin, but also not the silky, grey, satiny crepe) of the top I intend for the dress for the wedding. I haven't started sewing yet—just organizing the pattern pieces, and pinning out the ones I intend to use. I am not doing a mock up of the skirt—I have made A-line skirts before (and recently) and I am not worried about the fit of the skirt. 

But princess seams? I want a nice fit. And this will be a good test run for another princess seamed pattern I have—the second pattern is more casual--a jacket like shirt--but I am sure I will learn things about the fit from this top.  I am small busted, and smaller in the shoulder than would be normal for my size.  I want a nice fit--and it might take some adjusting to get it right.

Later, when I make a jacket like shirt top--(and matching gored skirt) I'll end up with a better fit--this next top(and skirt)  will be from some of the cotton that is getting pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

I like the look of matching tops and skirts (vs a dress) sometimes--especially for a good fit. The cotton pieces will also lend themselves to being matched with other skirts and tops. 

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