Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Lost and Found?

That has been the tentative name for one of the current pair of socks. Maybe Lost (at Sea) –the blue/green color way reminds me of sea tones...

Better still would be Lost at DMV!

These are in many ways, just another generic pair of socks. I suppose I could just call them generic sock number (what ever!)
The small scallop (can you even see it?)at the cuff, and the cabled clock (another obscure feature) aren't really enough to give these socks a distinctive identity. As for the color way and yarn, well while they are the first pair of sock in this color way, they are not the first pair in this yarn. (Though they might be the first public pair of socks in this yarn (more on yarn below)

What ever I end up calling them (Lost at DMV is likely to win)--they now have a heel. And I know, Once the heel is done is just a hop, skip and a jump till the sock is finished.

The yarn is Filatura Lanarota's “Fashion Toes” —Filatura Lanarota is Plymouth's “off brand”. They use that name for seconds --if this yarn is second-- Well I can't find any flaw. No knots, no off colors, no blank spots in the dye; no unevenness in the spinning or plying. The Lanarota brand is also use for overstocks (which is what I am guess this yarn is) –It's Smiley's current stock of sock yarn (in a half dozen color ways—all lovely, though some especially lovely, like this one—color 21) I really like it, and might find myself at Smiley's next week for the first of their fall sales—if I do get there, I'll pick up a few more skeins. I used 3 skeins in December 2010 knitting a scarf (Leafy Vines) —and never made socks out the mostly blue (medium/navy/purple) color way--and I don't have any more skeins of the blue either.  Blue socks are a good to have staple—I always have lots of denim in my wardrobe—but then doesn't everyone?

My other socks got a few rows knit, too, and 2 small (4 stitches each) gussets got made—to provide some ease at the top of the instep. 8 stitches (in total) don't sound like much (and really aren't much!) but they add a full inch of ease (in a sock knit to 8 stitches per inch gauge). Enough to make a difference in feel and fit around the ankle.

Next round I will add a half round of waste yarn to mark the heel position—and then decrease the gussets back to nothing—and resume knitting with the original number of stitches for the foot.

Once I finish one of these pairs of socks, I will knit my small peacock swatch to test the paints on.

It will be a quick swatch—some 78 or so stitches.. and 3 peacock feathers.   

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Lost at Sea, and the scallops could be like little wavelets, I like that. I love the color of your little lost socks that found their way back to you. Yay!