Friday, September 14, 2012

Peculiar Sock Math

Where 5 inches equals a foot (minus a toe (2.25 inches) and heel, another 2.25 inches). And that is where the striped socks are now. 5 inches of foot knit. Today, the toes, tomorrow the heels and finishing and they will be socks. Nice progress.  With out a proper heel (yet) they don't look like much (a tube) and don't fit on LEGS--So there is not much to see until they are done

Wingspan got its wedge and its edge, and finished, too. 10 or so yards of yarn left—not too wasteful—and not so close or tight that I was worried about having enough.

I like—well, sort of. I like the idea of it, and I like how the colors worked out. I like the yarn, and the feel of it. But I don't know if I will like wearing it. It's too much fabric at my neck. I don't like a lot fabric round my neck—I love scoop necks, and V-necks, and open collars. I make cowls, but I don't much like wearing them. I like the idea of cowls, but, I rarely end up wearing them. They are popular—with most everyone but me.

The local tempts have to drop below 0°F (-17/18°c) before I think about wearing something close around my neck. Tempts sometimes drop that low in NYC, but not often. And most often when they do, I can avoid going out into the cold. I think this scarf is falls into the category of only useful when the tempts fall low—and since I already have half a dozen scarf and cowls that also fit the bill....

It's likely to find a home with some one else. Maybe my DIL when she comes to NY later this month, for the NYC Makers's Faire. She loves to wrap scarves round her neck. I have to restrain myself from undoing them--She always looks like she is strangling herself to me! The colors aren't her first choice.. but they wouldn't be her last choice either. She's been busy this year sewing—and hasn't done much knitting. She might really like having a new scarf to add to her wardrobe.

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steelwool said...

Fast work on the wingspan. Is it a scarf or a mini shawl? It really does have a lot of fabric for a scarf. I have seen several knitted but not worn.