Friday, September 07, 2012

Pent Up Demand!

That's what I have! There are so many things I want to knit—for months I have been diligent, and have refused to start anything new (well eventually I did succumb to socks, but...) I worked exclusively (auto fill want to put in the word extensively—it's right, I worked extensively, too!) on the shawl.

Now I have a bad case of startitis—I look around and every skein of yarn I own is saying, ME! Me! Me! Me first, make something with me!

Wingspan is on the list--and has actually been cast on with Paton's Lace in the green/lavender color. A sweater vest (my cinnamon brown DK wool from KnitPick's) is right behind it. I don't have a pattern—just an idea—and I might just wing it. And there are other scarves, and hats, and sweaters, and, and, and!

I am working hard on both pairs of socks—both of them plain stocking knit—but I have plans for some patterned (lace) socks, and some color work sock, (2—my black eyed susan's and my dragon socks) and other socks. (my secret socks)--there are half a dozen bags of Sock kits packed up ready to go—and new sock yarn that want to get into the first empty bag available.

I have laundry to do, too and big mess to deal with—junk (junk? Well stuff) came out of the trunk of the old car--and hasn't been put into trunk of new car.. And the question is what should go into the trunk. Already I have added the the maps, and tools and flares back—I don't need to justify these. Packed up neatly, ready to go, are the jumper cables—they still haven't made it to the trunk—but that is where they belong.

But what about a spare blanket?—I've always carried a small blanket in the car—and a small first aid kit. The old one needs some new supplies—but better to have to throw out some old band aids—(unused) than to be caught need one—and not have one at hand. It's a bit paranoid of me--to have flares, a blanket and a first aid kits.   (Or I am a good scout, and always prepaired?!)

I think the tarp is going to find a new home in the broom closet top shelf—But I will tuck a few bottles of water into the trunk—they are another good emergency supply to have on hand.

There is pool junk hanging around, too. The ice chest that was used all summer for soda's and cold drinks.. and all the pool toys—noodles and frisbies, and beach balls (one bit the dust)--and bathing caps and nose plugs, and ear plugs—along with pool shoes. There is the chain (used to secure all the chairs and lounges and the ice chest) and the lock.  A mountain of beach towels in the laundry—along with all the swim suits. OK most of this stuff has been sorted—(towel & swimsuits in the laundry, paper plates, and plastic forks & knives packed into zip lock bags, empty soda cans into the recycle bag/bag)--but it really hasn't been dealt with (and once the laundry is done, it's time to put away the beach towels) 

AND-- some of the swimming stuff will be used later this year (in theory)—I will join the NYParks program for the indoor pool--no fun to go now—the pool shares a parking lot with Tennis Open—and normal free parking is at a premium ($$) for the duration. But a lot of the stuff can be packed away till next summer--but I have to decide--what!

Everywhere things are pulled apart, pilled up, and in a general disarray! Plus it's too damn hot! How I wish the pool still had water in it... It's hot hazy and humid and the perfect day for a cool dip!

Meanwhile, Lost at DMV socks have 5 inches of the foot knit—another 2 and half inches or so before I can start the toe—and other (the as of yet, unseen) striped socks have 3 inches of foot.. a bit more before I can start the toe on them. Plus there is still a heel to do after the toe is knit—so they are further than Lost at DMV from being finished.

There is also a lot of sewing to do this month! Dresses and coats and more!

Tomorrow the car goes to visit its former home—a small family reunion party is going on—and I won't be doing any of these chores—or activities--(cause knitting and sewing aren't really chores) .


Judy said...

I'm tired just reading your to-do list. I think I will take a nap.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Me too! I need a nap now. Thanks! lol

Hope that you and the car have an very nice re-union.