Friday, September 21, 2012

Progress, Progress, Progress

My swatch knit –and just blocked (and photographed)--next,  (not to be seen till tomorrow--) the painting. The straight needle is subbing for a blocking wire--and sorry for the poor contrast--I am blocking painting it on an old (stained) kitchen towel--and that what I had. I need something cotton and absorbent and this was the best choice at hand.

My sock cuffs are completely knit, and grafted and stitches picked up. I still haven't decided on a leaf pattern for the leg—so they are stalled there.. Still there is a visible change since yesterday--but I am not showing you--once I get started--well there will be something to see. 

My "muslin" (not) top has been  cut (from a lovely chocolate brown poly-cotton)--and today I will get started on sewing it up. It's really a very fast to sew top—It's the fitting and altering I might need to do that will take the time. The sewing, not so much.

Mountains of garbage (junk mail and shredded paper work) have been thrown out, too. Most of it was just a back log of stuff that I just didn't pay attention to during the summer. But it makes a big difference—How quickly junk mail and paper work just pile up and make a mess.

My kitchen is getting a good going over too—My toaster oven died—and there is one on sale (a convection/toaster over!) so I am getting everything spiffy before I buy the new one. There is a bunch of accumulated clutter in the kitchen, too. I found not 1, not 2, but 3 open packages of crackers.  I sometime brought crackers and hummus as a snack to the pool—and clearly—I didn't keep track of the open stacks of crackers.

The good news is—I  didn't just snack on crackers--(I have open left over partial stacks!)  I love salty/sweet snacks—and salty crackers are close to the top of the list!  I was able to eat some (a serving (or maybe 1 and half servings) and  then I stopped.
(I didn't even snack on them as I tidied up, but packed them away in tin—and will eat them slowing, in measured servings.) This is a real change--(a hard one!) that I am working at –to change my eating habits.

I've cast on, too, a for another project-- A vest—a spicy brown one. The yarn is Knit Pick's Swish—a super wash DK weight wool. The plan is for a pretty simple vest, knit in one piece to the arm holes—with just a bit of texture. So far, not even a single repeat, (nor even a inch of knitting) of the simple knit and purl diamond stitch pattern I am using has been completed—so there isn't much to see.
Even I can't see the pattern yet—and have to pay attention to what I am doing. It will get easier after I have a few repeats done. (And its all bunched up on too short a circ, too. I know I have a longer one—but it went into hiding).

It's worked out nicely—the yarn suggests that 22 stitches =4 inches (on a US size 5 needle) and sure enough that's what I get. From there, it's simple math. 22 stitches=4 inches, 220 stitches =40 inches.

But 40 inches aren't enough—add another 22 +22(one for measure, one for ease) and the count is up to 264. A few more stitches for front bands.. The stitch pattern is an 8 stitch repeat. How convenient—22=3X8. No need for complex figuring or adding or subtracting to have the pattern fit the stitch count—with the addition of 1 stitch—it's even centered.

I love vests—way more than sweaters—they are faster to knit (sleeves are almost 1/3rd of sweater!) and work better for me. They are warm enough—with out being too warm. I have half a dozen knit sweaters—and it's rare for me to wear them more than 2 or 3 times in season. But vests? I have more—and they are worn (and washed) pretty frequently. There is always room for another.

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