Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Little Progress Here

A little progress there...Slowly but surely, things are getting done.

A few more rounds (a repeat of the pattern and then some) done on the socks—6 inches done in all.
The ribbing really collapse in—and make the socks look funny (sort of like broccoli, don't you think?) —but stretched out, the pattern is coming along nicely.  Its not as leafy a pattern as I wanted--but it is leafy enough.  All the really leafy patterns distorted the top edge of the cuff too much--so it was a trade off. But really--they are just socks--any pattern that is not to complicated is more than enough!

The Diamond Brocade stitch vest? It has the beginning of arm hole openings..(see the one on the left?)
 I am going to do the yoke in a different stitch—but I am not quite sure which! I keep looking for the one that speaks to me.

I am leaning towards something vaguely ribbed—I like a snug top to vest (and more ease below the armhole) I am toying with ribbed columns of 9 stitches with a diamond brocade pattern, and 7 stitches of purls between—this sort of repeats the diamond pattern from below-and at the same time, incorporates some ribbing. I decreased the stitch count at the two rows of purls (welting) since the vest was just too big. I sometimes forget, I have lost weight, and can make things smaller.

So I have to do some homework and work out the placements of the ribs (and maybe do 9 X 6) –to have the columns more or less line up with the diamonds below the welting. The welting is enough of break that I don't have to have things perfectly line up—just sort of. Its just a matter of working out what works! (stitch count wise and esthetically)

Today I have already run some errands --paid my “rent” (maintenance) and bills and paperwork (More paperwork-- for the insurance company) Went to the bank--(I was broke!) and got some shopping done; fresh broccoli for tonight's dinner, some navel oranges for breakfast fruit.

I also treated myself to a bottle of pumpkin spiced apple cider. I suspect the cider will be nice—though I don't need it-- really. Certainly I like apples and spice and pumpkin—but  its only 60% fruit juice, and sweetened--not really a good choice.   What  I really like, is the bottle!

It will be recycled into a cider vinegar bottle. I tend to by some things, like vinegar, oil, soy sauce by gallon—and then decant as much as needed for kitchen--My kitchen (as are many in NYC) is too small to provide enough storage space for all these big bottles. (They get stored in separate pantry/linen/utility closet.--fortunately I have a nice big one!)

 It's  really is a cost effective way to shop.  A half gallon of low sodium soy sauce is the just a few cents more than 2 8 ounce bottles—so its like buying 2 at full price and  getting 6 more bottles for a nickel a piece. The trick is to have some nice, conveniently sized bottles to decant the larger ones into.

Some times I just recycle a bottle (I had bought  some small bottles soy sauce  before I found  a source for the bigger (and cheaper per ounce) half gallon bottle.  I know that  Bed Bath and Beyond sells lovely bottles—at $4 to $5 (empty!)--and so do Michaels and ACMoore (occationally) at close to the same price.

 This bottle is a nice size, (16 oz/500ml) and costs a mere $2—Plus I get the cider, too! I like the bottle enough that I might just go and buy another bottle of cider--and get a second bottle. I will add a fancy label to the bottle once I empty it... It will be pretty, and functional (and a bargain, too boot!).

Best of all the bottle is perfectly plain.  I have recycled some similar bottles that were beer bottle, and these have embossed brand names in the glass...Which just isn't as nice.

This afternoon I will cut the pattern for my dress—and get started with making it. The wedding is Oct. 13th—I think its time I get to work.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

aha! another bottle re-cycler. I love those flip lid ones but are they ever hard to find this far south in Cali. Central Coast, no problem, but I have to seek them out. I save for design and color, and sometimes utility, like dark brown smalls.

Your yarn stash runneth over, with all good things (!), and I agree about the leafy motif socks maybe becoming armlets. Congrats on the weight loss, too. Whoot! Smaller sizes knit up faster, or take less fabric, etc.