Monday, October 29, 2012

Blow Hard

All the news in Sandy—as if there haven't been hurricanes before. It is (or rather will be) a big mess of storm for many—but there is so much hype. Of all the natural disasters that can occur, a tropical storm is the easiest to plan for—with needed supplies, and early evacuations (if need). I know though, that there are those will have ignored all the warnings...and the news will be filled with the sad results.

I have batteries (always do) for my flashlights. And candles, too. But I doubt that I will need them. My stove has electronic ignition--but it will work with a match (and I have matches) 

Right now, it's not really anything special. A bit windy, and rainy and grey.. But not too dark, or too wet, or too windy. I don't live in a low area, or near the coast, so flooding is unlikely. Underground wires mean I don't have worry much about power outages. My windows (well most of them) fast west and north—so the winds are mostly to the back of my building (since the storm is coming from the south east.) so I haven't even really felt any windows rattling. I will feel the back of the storm, but wind there are usually milder.

My co-op has done extensive exterior maintainance in past few years—repointing all the brick work, and repairing all the terraces, and building parapets. Just last week, we had an arborist company was in, and a number of dead branches were trimmed of the trees --Well the trees on the co-op property—some of the street trees aren't in such good condition.. and it bodes ill for those who have to park their cars on the street. Likely to be a limb or two down, and some minor storm damage of that sort. But I feel secure inside my four walls.

It's great weather for staying home and knitting.. But I haven't done any knitting or any sewing, or much of anything.. Low pressure has me feeling low... and I am just sort of vegetating.

Among my errands yesterday, I got some more blue thread—so I can sew if I want --and likely will get some sewing done—or at least get the Scarlet O'Hara jacket cut. And the snaps set on the vest (of the same fabric) too, since I never got to them yesterday.

There is so much I want to knit! I need to finish the Ocean and Sea socks... and to make the fingerless gloves/arm warmers to match the Leafy Green socks.

I have some beautiful Regia silk sock yarn -in a plain grey—4 skeins of it. The plan is to make a pair of socks, and matching scarf—and a grey skirt, too. (I have grey fabric) Like the Scarlet O'Hara collection, enough stuff to mix and match—since grey socks—or a grey scarf go with a lot of things.

Then there is the brocade diamond vest to finish it's close to 90% done—just a few more inches and it will be done. All I have to do is get to it. It will look good with my newly completed chocolate brown skirt—and with the denim one—which has golden brown top stitching. For that matter, it will also go well with the khaki skirt, too.

Once the Brocade Diamond vest is finished, I can make a leafy green shell to match the socks and arm warmers—or at least that is the plan for the moment. I saw some simple shell tops in the newest edition of Knitters... And they point out –a simple shell takes just about the same amount of light weight yarn as 2 pairs of socks. It's not really a very big project—even when made with fine yarn and small needles. A leafy ribbed shell would be a nice addition to my wardrobe, wouldn't it? More practical than a scarf shawl. If I make it a bit big, it could function as a pull over vest or as a wear alone (or under a heavier shirt) shell. The basic stitch pattern is ribbing—so I could make it big enough to work both ways, with out having it look baggy.
I can't use the patterns in Knitters—the leafy green rib stitch needs to knit top down-- not bottom up. I have already started to work out the stitch count I'll need—and plan how to knit it. Even though I will be working top down, I don't want a raglan sleeve.. I am thinking of a saddle shoulder -and picking up from there, and working down.

Everywhere there are skeins of yarn crying out to me to be knit, and things I want to knit, but for the moment, I have lost my knitting mojo. Maybe a cup of coffee will jump start my energy.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm glad you are well positioned to ride out the storm. Truly glad!

Thank you for the link to the pictures. You have a lovely daughter and it was fun to see you all at the wedding.

I wanted to comment at the albums but did not want to create another Goggle leash.