Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Last week was hectic—and I had all sorts of pre-wedding jitters—even though I really had very few responsibilities—aside from dressing up and getting there!

I got some knitting done—and some sewing (first fall skirt is done!) and dealt with a computer software issue—that had me computer-less for 3 days!  And as I just discovered--my photo software is not quite recovered.. So no photos! There is a link below to wedding photos if you want to see them.

So what been happening?

First the spice vest is getting done.. Look clear armholes, and inches of yoke done.
It's beginning to look like a vest. And like it will be finished in time to be useful.

Socks, too, have  progressed, too. The gussets are done, and some progress has been made on the foot. Not done yet—but getting there.

And then there is this hat—a simple one done in color work.

Last week at this time, I went searching for some DK wool in green—to make some  fingerless gloves to match my socks.  I found the yarn I wanted it in an instant—and found a skein of Mondial yarn too. The hat used half a skein--first dark blue/black that changed to cherry pink and then back to blue black.  The  colors represent half the 50 gram skein—the other half of the skeing is bright yellow/marigold orange/bright yellow (with bits of taupe and green—when the color changed from the dark blackish blue to the yellow) –But once I found this yarn again-(I had totally forgotten about it) I felt compelled to make something with it. But you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see it!

I have enough green for the fingerless gloves--and some time after the socks are done, I'll make them, too. 

So last week I got my dress sewn, and my daughters jacket sewn --no photo's of her in it—it was just to wear to look nice and keep warm walking too and fro—from Terrace on the park –to the Unisphere and back. That's just a short 10 minute walk— the Unisphere made a great back drop for photo's.

Just after I uploaded the few photo's I took--(Sunday AM) my computer ground to halt—with a soft ware glitch—I am back—and thanks to Chrome—didn't lose any bookmarks.. (I did lose passwords.. but I have a string of passwords that I work through—all pretty complex—and I have managed to restore just about every one. (after several attempts in some cases.) I am not going to post wedding photos--but you can find some on my face book page--and more--taken by my sister Margaret--a gifted amateur photographer here. (and Yes, that is the bride in the red dress!)

The wedding was beautiful—and went off with out any noticeable hitches. My daughter is a go with the flow sort of person—and the exact opposite of a bridezilla. The cake wasn't what she ordered—but only a handful of us knew that. The cake she got was plain, simple and elegant.. (and the right kind of cake and the right filling). It was fresh and beautiful—and tasted delicious. And not an issue.

The florist—who didn't speak English fluently—but did beautiful work—and was a local business. (which made her a natural choice!) DD ordered centerpieces—topiaries,.. and bouquets, and corsages for the mothers, and boutonnieres for the groomsmen. The bouquets came and they were balls with ribbon loops—not the more tradition nosegay style. She was thrilled. It wasn't what she expected.. but they were a great stylistic match to the table flowers—and beautifully made—huge and full of beautiful flowers. As she has been known to say—It's rare to see ugly flowers.. Fresh white roses and daisy's make a beautiful display. Every one remark how beautiful the bouquets were (they were, they were!) and that's how it was. Her open acceptance of the beautiful flowers made everyone think it was just what she designed and ordered. No dramatics about the bouquets not being the more traditional ones.

So now that things are getting back to normal (normal? Who am kidding!) I'll get back to making regular posts.


mlb said...

Thank you for linking to the fabulous wedding photos! The bride is beautiful (and her dress is WONDERFUL)-- and your peacock shawl is simply stunning!

StellaMM said...

Great photos, congratulations. I was so surprised you could eclipse your knitting with "The Wedding"!

I now see why SIL always needs a Christmas hat!

Commiserations, and all power to regaining computer power.


Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

Your sister did a beautiful job on the pictures. The wedding looked very lovely and so did your shawl in the pictures.

Sigrun said...

Welcome back, enven though I didn't notice you were gone because I've been much too busy to visit blogs.
I remember getting a lot of knitting/sewing done after DD2's wedding--to fill the void after all the wedding bustle and hustle.