Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sock Progress

 And sewing too.

So, its decided.. the name for theses socks: Dark Ocean and Tropical Seas.   The Dark Ocean blue has light blue has rippled waves. There are 2 repeats—though one is hard to see right now--with the rolling edge of the work hiding it.   The Tropical Seas (light blue) will have—dark rippled waves—the cross over point will have the same hook/wave pattern as below on the toe.

I am rapidly running out of the dark blue yarn. But I have quite a bit of the lighter blue still left. So there will be some plain light blue work after the color work. These socks will likely be shorter than average in height—but there is already 3+ inches of leg knit. (that is 3+ inches past the point of shaping the heel) —and there likely to be another 3 inches. Making the leg part about 6 inches—or just a scant inch short of my usual 7 inches of leg. Perfectly acceptable—especially for sock made from left over yarn!

My Scarlet O'Hara vest and skirt are just about done. The skirt is 100% finished, even the hand sewn on waist band hook and eye closure is done.

The vest—which gave me a bit of grief—is all sewn—but lacks closures. I have some buttons that match—but I think pearl snaps –the same ones that I put on the jumper are a better choice. I only need 5 (and have 7—so more than enough!) I'll keep the buttons for the jacket. Which I can't even start seeing as how I used up all the blue thread!--A full spool, plus some of a partial (both used up!) --Yet another reason to use snaps--there isn't enough thread left to sew buttonholes!

I am just waiting for a decent hour to add the snaps—I don't have a snap pliers—so I will hammer them on—using a setting tool.. But I don't want to be hammering too early on a Sunday morning.

I shouldn't be hammering at all on a Sunday.. but I'll be done before anyone can complain. Just one of the constraints of living in multi familied high rise (vs a private home).

The vest is fully lined--making it quite warm.  The process for sewing it together had me leave open the side seams, and sew out side to inside (lining) around the neck, front and hem, and the back hem. Then turn it right sides out, press, then sew the two side seams (which is a bit tricky to do).

First time round, I didn't pay enough attention to what I was doing, and I sewed front side to front side , and back side to back side. Which made an interesting but unwearable thing! So I ripped out the seams and re-did .. Sewing front side to back side (twice) and ended up with a vest. A little bit of hand sewing finished up the lining side seam. The construction is a bit awkward, but it makes the least amount of hand sewing required (about 6 inches of straight stitching on the lining side seams).

Next time, I will cut the vest longer. It fits, but I'd like it better longer. I might shape the bottom edge too, at least on one future version. The straight edge is OK—but a more traditional look with a pointed edge would be nice, as well.

The pockets aren't perfect either—but I wanted to practice doing sewn, lapped, inset pockets.. and I did a good job (sewing wise). It's been years since I have done such fancy work—and like everything.. a little practice goes a long way to perfecting the skill. What I don't like about them are the proportions. The pockets are too wide—and too shallow. I can't even fit a purse pack of tissues in them--Another good reason to make the vest long!

The jacket pattern doesn't have pockets. But the first version I made, I added patch pockets.. but now, since I have practiced, I think I'll do similar pockets on the jacket.. a bit of fancy detailing. But before I can start, a spool (or two) of some blue thread!

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