Monday, October 01, 2012

Still with a Cold

Though I think the worst is over... Another few days of sniffles but I am beginning to feel better each day. Saturday was the worst—I felt the achiest, I had a fever and just generally didn't feel well. I made sure to keep up my vitamin C—because I was out most of the day. First teaching knitting at the Makers Faire, then seeing a bit of the Faire itself. I left early—and while I didn't feel exhausted—I managed to take a 4 hour nap when I got home.

Sleep is what I needed, and I slept in on Sunday, too, not getting up till almost 10 AM--which very late for me.  (I woke as usual at 6 AM—and took a quick trip to the bathroom. I returned to bed and went back to a full deep sleep for 4 more hours—instead of my usually doze for an hour/hour and half!)

I try not to take too much medication when I have a cold—OTC medications just treat the symptoms anyway—they don't do anything for virus. Most days, I take nothing but vitamin C and fluid, but most nights I go to bed with those “green” cold capsule. (I use CVS or other drug store brands—not the expensive ones made my Vicks)--They help me get to sleep—and while dosing is recommended for every 6 hours—one dose is more than enough to help me get my 7 something hours that I need to function.

Still a little knitting has been done--A few rows on my Diamond Brocade Vest—but I still have yarn left in skein 5. At the end of skein 5 I'll divide the work for the armholes. Its about 11 inches long now--but it wouldn't look much different in a photo--a few more repeats of the diamond pattern--but nothing very much different--so I didn't bother to take a photograph.
My green socks (Lion Brand Sock Ease Yarn in Green Apple) got some work done too. I found a stitch pattern I liked—it's a fancy rib—4 X 6, with some pattern work in the stocking knit to make a vaguely leafy design. Some would find it difficult.. Each side (needle) begins with a purl stitch—and some find that awkward—but I have never minding purling and never minded starting a row (or round or needle) with purls.

Because it is basically a rib (4 of 8 rounds in each pattern are P2, K6, P2) I didn't bother with a cuff—and went right into the pattern from the stitches picked up from the crosswise knit top band. Now that there have been a few repeats of the pattern knit, its looking good. The rib pattern will be fine from cuff to toe.

I've already decided, after the vest and sock—to knit up a set of finger-less gloves and matching hat—I have the yarn (more green!) and an idea—now I just need to refine the details. In case you hadn't guessed—more leaves. I am on a roll. Green yarn and leafy designs are what moves me right now.

My complexion is very rosy--especially in the cold weather, and drab green(sounds like an awful color doesn't it) is perfect for me. It  provides a sharp contrast to my rosy cheeks and looks lively (as all high contrast colors do).  I dress up drab very well. 

Since I am feeling better today, I will be sewing—I know, I know, I keep saying I am going to get to work sewing (and don't!) but not today! Today I sew!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Feel Better, Helen!

Noting that was posted a day ago, I hope you are feeling better today to keep the upward spiral going.

I love that green. I wore a shirt that color yesterday, to fitness, and my ex-marine PT said, "Nice shirt. You are wearing Marine colors."

We've had two days of 100 degree weather, and I did sort yarn to donate but no knitting. I must sew things too! I need things to wear.