Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Tension

 Between keeping traditions—and trying new things.
(I have been conflicted—and it's made me negative.. I want to focus on the positive—another form of tension)
Between giving things away—and finding your mail box full of new things!

I frequently am giving away a ball or two (or ten!) of yarn to friends—Yarns I like—but not as much as when I bought it. Yarn that I bought one skein of—to try.. and now I am just not interested. Yarns that were shared with me... and well I just don't know what to do with them. They need new homes—where someone will find a good use for them.
A gift in the mail, from my sister
You'd think it would reduce my stash—It should—but then, just when I least expect it—New yarn comes into my life. My sister in Japan has been on a tear—and once again—my mail box was stuffed with yarn—It's lovely isn't it? Labeled mohair (technically goat not sheep wool) I suspect it has some wool blended in--I'll have to work at understanding the blend (its in Japanese). The colors are so pretty—there are 7 full skeins and a partial one. And even though they are only 25g skeins, there is plenty enough to make a cowl. Not that I need another cowl, or scarf or hat, or fingerless gloves...

Still my mental queue is filled with ideas for knitting cowls, and hats and scarves and fingerless gloves; And sweaters, and other stuff! 

on their way to being socks
First --I think (after I finish my current projects) —some fingerless gloves. I want to make some green ones—an olive sort of green. With ever round, I like my green leafy ribbed socks better and better.. I started the heel flap last night—but before that, I stretched them out on my arm to measure the length—and I so loved them. This leafy rib is perfect for some fingerless gloves. The ribbed texture held the fabric snug against my arm—and I just loved how they looked. It's really a waste to have the pretty border and pretty pattern on my feet—The same pattern would be perfect for my hands and arms—where everyone could see it! Not that I don't deserve to have pretty socks—but..

I know I have some smooth green DK wool (both Lion Brand superwash DK and some of ACMoore's Kashmir—also a DK but not superwash--(though the Kashmir is 100% wool merino and not cashmere) Both are left overs from previous projects and while there is enough for fingerless gloves there isn't enough for much else. -I know  I want long ones-- I just hope I have enough yarn!

They will be just the thing to wear some of my ¾ length sleeved sweaters. And to fill in sleeves of some winter jackets.. (that are too loose!) Or even to wear around the house.. Today (this AM was lovely—and I have on a short sleeved T shirt—but a cold front is coming in—and by tonight it will be 30°'s colder—my arm will get cold—and some long fingerless gloves would be  just the thing.(too bad I haven't knit them yet!)

More green yarn.
Then there is this LLH wool—well-- not wool but a soft and cozy blend of alpaca, linen, wool and nylon blend—it would be perfect for a cowl—and go great with some green fingerless gloves. The Savanna color way seems to demand something ribbed and grass like. A different ribbed pattern than the fingerless gloves. Other single skein green (just 50g)--in a different green again –but similar, green –but a bit drab and olivey green and a bit heavier (not quite worsted weight but close) --could be come a hat—A more leafy design there... All to  coordinate—but not to matchy-matchy.

My diamond brocade vest is still resting—but I have been busy—thinking about what I want to do with it!

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