Friday, October 26, 2012

Well Heeled

Or perhaps, just heeled. This toe up heel—with increases (a gusset) followed by a long set of short rows makes a nice looking and nice feeling heel—but it seems to take forever.

Still,  I got both heels turned, and I still have more of the dark blue yarn, enough to make a decent length of leg—with no fear of running out of yarn. Next an inch or two of plain blue, and then some color work of both shades of blue, and a finish with the light blue. A good plan for  pretty sock I think.

As always, a sock in stocking knit (vs some sort of ribbing) looks baggy on LEGS small feet and thin ankles.

I still haven't decided all of the stitch patterns I will use in the color work... I am thinking perhaps some fish, and then the hook/wave pattern I used at the toe, and then maybe some thing more.... but I am not exactly sure what! (stylized birds in the sky blue?)

I got some sewing done, too—or rather just some cutting done. Another skirt, and matching vest (and a jacket of the same fabric to come!) all in my Scarlet O'Hara blue clouds denim –no not really denim, though it is a faded denim blue color—the cloth is an even weave, not a twill. I made a jumper in this fabric at the beginning of the summer. There is enough of this fabric for complete wardrobe of mix and match—the jumper that wore as a dress in the summer will work well with a t shirt (long or short sleeved) underneath-- and with a matching jacket—will span the seasons.

I can wear it as dress with a jacket on mild days, or as jumper with a T-shirt on cooler fall days, or with a long sleeved T-shirt as the weather gets cold. The jacket (when it gets made) will go with it, and the skirt, and a number of denim skirts, too. The vest is just another layer/piece. A natural go-with the skirt, or with other denim skirts, especially with a skirt I made in the spring that is mostly denim and trimmed with the blue cloud fabric.
The skirt is another 6 gored one, and the vest has princess seam that will line up. I am adding (as always) pockets to the skirt. And to the vest as well. You can't have too many pockets. 

I still haven't cut the jacket... but I have over 2 yards of 60 inch wide fabric left—plenty for a jacket—and likely a tote bag will be added to the mix—cause who can't use yet another bag? I like mix and match separates—and it's fun to build a set—especially when I am starting with free fabric.

The blue cloud fabric was originally used as a wall covering. When the place I worked a few years ago was being gutted, and the fabric was being ripped form the walls, I took some of the fabric. Lots of it actually. Then washed it and re-purposed it—which is why I call the fabric (and the collection of clothes made from it) the Scarlet O'Hara collection!

I'm about to start sewing (as soon as this is posted)--and will likely have the skirt mostly done by the end of the day—tomorrow I'll work on the vest. Tonight, I'll get back to knitting and work on the socks for a bit.
With the weather forecast of a Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy)for the area means I will likely get some sewing  and knitting done this weekend--for sure I won't be running around doing things in the predicted rain!

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