Friday, November 09, 2012

A Little Progress Here;

A little progress there. Slowly things are coming together.

The dotty vest has buttonholes—but hasn't had the buttons sewn on yet.
The dotty skirt is together, and has a waistband –but no hook and eye or button yet, nor a hem.
The diamond brocade vest has armholes, and soon will have a bound of neckline too, but its not done yet either.
The socks? Well, not so much progress there; but I haven't forgotten about them.
Lots of work done, but nothing completed.

Wednesday—in the cold wet nor'easter, I was out and about for several hours—Not so much errands as helping a friend. And I caught a chill. One I just couldn't get rid it of it. I got home early in the afternoon (1 PM or so) chilled to the bone, and spent the rest of the day huddled under blankets, drinking hot fluids, and fitfully sleeping. I just couldn't get warm or comfortable. I was achy all over, a fevered too.

But it passed--what ever it was.  Yesterday I was feeling better. Not 100%, but good enough to get up and dressed, and do something. To start, I made soup—so next time that happens, I have soup at the ready!
Soup (chicken and sweet potato), and stew(ground nut stew)--More ready to eat quick suppers packed in the freezer in –along with my pyrex® bowls of curried chicken. Slowly but surely, I am filling my freezer with easy dinners. Next time I have a bad day, I'll at least have some comfort food ready to eat.

Gingered carrot soup next—and maybe even a second pots of carrot soup—one with ginger, and one with chestnuts. I haven't always liked chestnuts.. but my tastes have changed over the years, and this nut is the last to make the collection (I LOVE nuts!) I wish I had a source for chestnut flour—I love chestnut pasta—and I think ravioli's of chestnut pasta with pumpkin filling would be a lovely combination. One worth the effort of making fresh pasta.

I got some sewing done, too, and some knitting, and some cleaning--well not so much cleaning as putting away (and throwing away!--my sewing room waste can was overflowing and now has been emptied) Bits and pieces, here and there, nothing much, but more than I could manage Wednesday afternoon.

So today is a day for finishing.. The vest, the skirt, knit vest, too. It's for making soup-- even as the cold weather retreats again for the moment. Maybe if I am very productive—I'll even get some more work done on the Ocean and Sea socks.

I have the green DK yarn for the leafy arm warmers at the ready—and needles, and some scribbled notes to work from. I am itching to start them—but I won't—not till I finished all the things I need to finish.

By tomorrow, I should have a bunch of things finished, and ready to photograph--and arm warmers cast on!

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