Friday, November 16, 2012

A Pox on Sox

 Or maybe just some pock marked socks.

I wanted something with texture... Even though this nectarine inspired color way should be knit up as smooth and glossy as that stone fruits skin.

So I went looking for texture. I didn't want cables. I wore cabled knee high sock for many years in elementary school—50 years later, I still hate them—or the idea of them—enough that I have no desire to knit any.

I've done lace, and I've done ribs, I wanted something different. Then I found this stitch. I supposed, if I skied, I might see the texture as moguls. But I don't ski, and snow doesn't come in these bright colors.

I think the texture is like a pock mark. I am old, and started to travel young—I had a “routine” small pox inoculation as an infant, and one again age 8, and again 10 years later. These were required by Health Dept. for over seas travel. (A few years later,--in the early 1970's—small pox was considered eradicated, and the inoculations were no longer required-for infants or for travel.)

I know what pock marks look like—the scars have faded—but I still can see the texture. (Should the world erupt in biological warfare, I feel safe from small pox—I might not be totally immune, but I suspect my immune system retains a vestigial memory)

Pockmarked is just the word to describe the texture of this stitch pattern. I am knitting pox marked socks.. So a Pox on Sox—to be cute. In brightly colored, hand painted yarn. (Loin Brand Sock Ease—over dyed marshmallow color—part of a group of yarns I dyed earlier this year.(see link above)) 

The cuff is a bit deeper than I usually knit (1.75 inches vs the more common 1.5) and neatly feeds into the 6 stitch repeat of the stitch pattern.--D'oh--that's why I started with 3 X 3 ribbing.
 The pattern feels a bit slow to knit.. but I have made some progress.

The texture flattens out a bit when stretched.. But it always retains some depth and texture.   A success I think--The socks don't look nectarine-ish but I still like the color way and the texture. 


Nautical Knitter said...

Helen, what is the pattern? Did I miss it in the post? Thanks! Deborah

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I am going to have to come over there and take them off your feet! Those are going to be gorgeous! Yum!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'll bet you had a milder case, at least I hope you did. That disease must have been horrible. Chicken pox are bad enough. I still have scars from that but happily not the dread smallpox.

I truly love your little Pox on Sox socks. It looks like a tiny fan. You don't have to post this. Just missed that you HAD small pox. EEEEE!