Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Utility Day

 That's how I spend yesterday. Laundry—mounds of it, washed, dried, ironed (well some of it ironed) hung up and put away! Piles of dirty laundry become oppressive after a while. Every time, I promise myself I won't wait till I have mounds.. and every time, it seems, I fail.

One load was wool socks(OK I lied, the socks are still on wire coat hanger blockers, dried now and waiting to be put away) Another load, some clothing that is being donated—I wanted the clothes fresh looking. The third load was lengths of fabric.. 4 pieces of 100% cotton that have been washed in hot water, and machine dried—and in the process, pre-shrunk. They also have been ironed and made ready for cutting. And there were 2 more loads of just clothes.. undies, and PJ's, skirts and what not.
(The hamper is once again half full with stuff that got missed, like linens. And there are still another 3 length of fabric to wash and preshrink—Maybe I'll get at least another load or two done next week.)

Now, with lots of clean clothes to chose from, I WANT MORE! I am thinking about what to sew next. A jacket (from the Scarlet O'Hara fabric)? It's on the short list. Or a jumper/dress or a skirt (either of the prewashed/preshrunk prints-I have 2 lengths of each). Or a skirt and jumper from one print—and I'll see if I can't squeeze in a vest too—I think I can. That will be a nice set. A cloth vest from either of these fabrics will match the khaki skirt or the chocolate skirt I just made—and other skirts I plan to make.

Should I cut this solid blue?(below)--I have 4.25yards of this heavy weight blue broadcloth. It's 60 inches wide, so that's enough for for a skirt and jumper (but not enough for a vest too). I also have the plum twill, and a grey twill, and the brick red even weave-- All of those are remnants—and just enough for skirts and nothing more. Maybe I should I cut a skirt of the grey? I have my grey (knit) vest from last year (well from last spring—finished just in time to be not needed.) And I have a few pairs of grey socks, with plans for more (and a grey scarf!) Or a black one (everyone needs a nice simple black skirt!) Still, if I get my spice vest finished, it will go well with the dotty print. Maybe a double cut... A jumper/skirt and vest from both of the just washed lengths. Then the decision will be which one to sew first!

Decisions, decisions! I have LOTS of brown thread—and a lots of black, too so I am leaning towards the black/blue/brown print. The brown thread would also work for the dotty print. For that matter, I have at least a spool (more than enough) of brick red, and plum and grey—I remember buying them 2 years ago when I first started to talk about making some new clothes. I have fabric, I have thread.. I just have to make a decision and get to work!

I made a little progress on my Ocean and Sea socks—and then realized I made a mistake and had to tink back 2 rounds and undo half of what I did. So last night, I worked on the spice vest for a change. Another inch knit; another 3 or so inches to go—less really what with the neckline. And I continued to plan out my shell—tweaking the number of stitches I need to cast on to start it. Mentally working out the plan—I intend to knit top down, but not a raglan—so the first few inches will be knit separately—as front and back before I join into a round.

There is enough green in the dotty print, that a green shell will match it---though a sleeveless shell won't get much use in the winter! Oh yeah, I got the snaps on the Scarlett O'Hara vest—so it's all done.

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