Saturday, November 03, 2012

All Roads Lead to Rome.

 Or to Paris, or to New York... Well, not all roads. The US Interstate highway system is a major exception. But in NYCity... Most of the roads, and bridges and tunnels do lead to Manhattan. (midtown, downtown or uptown).

Getting from where I live (central Queens) to do volunteer work in south Queens? It can't readily be done. I could take 2 long bus rides. If I had a car, I could drive reasonable close—but one characteristic of south Queens (the flooded zone) is there is no place to park.

The (normally) easiest way to get to south Queens? Through Manhattan! Take the express train to 42nd street, transfer there for the A train, (another express) and the trip—while miles longer than the bus ride, is faster.

Only that path is not available (still) and I don't need to be adding to the congestion as people try to get to work on already inadequate systems.

I am at home, not doing volunteer work, because of a limited ability to do anything. Since last year—and my minor/major infection and hospital stay—I recognize I have to conserve my strength. I can't go at it (any it) with both barrels—not with out paying a price.

My contributions to this disaster have been small—a small collection of phone chargers—and a blanket to a group that has the ability to get these to where they are needed. Many of the displaced have their cel phones... but the chargers are lost—my near horder instincts mean I have (or rather had) a collection of chargers.

That and a blood donation—the need is great even though there aren't a lot of injuries. The red cross lost a supply of blood with power outage. I can manage to donate blood easier than most other things.

That and a little money is all I can do for the moment.

Other than that, I can watch things coming back to normal. Seeing planes once again on their way to LAG (I live in the approach) and knowing that airport is not just open, but operational.
That and hearing a LIRR train lumber by (almost a mile away—but I hear it all the same-it's an urban noise I am attuned to).
That and looking at the sky line and seeing more and more of Manhattan lit up every time I look.

There is still a ton of work to do—while about half the household/customer once again have power, there are still nearly 1 million customers with out—and it's getting colder every day. But an amazing amount has been done to restore things to normal.

That and sew.

The dress is finished, and the vest (mostly) too. It needs buttons! I have lots of thread, but no suitable buttons. Buttonholes, too, since I am not so foolish as to make a buttonhole and then try and find a button to fit the hole.

I like the vest better this little bit longer... I might sew on a snap or two, just so I can wear it until I find the right buttons. Today I will make the skirt.

It makes me feel productive to make my own clothes—skirts, and dresses, vest and tops, and socks. I do it all (well, no, not really—I never make undies or bra's!) I like my one of kind wardrobe of custom made clothing. They are better made, and cheaper (well only if you don't count my investment of time—but since I am making the invest for my pleasure—and not someone else's profit I think it is fair not to count my labor as a cost.) Three pieces-- a dress, a skirt and vest—for about $30—all in all. What with the fabric, the lining, the bias tape, thread, buttons and other notions—it's still only about $10 per piece—which is a more than reasonable price.

Psychologically, it makes me feel better to be putting things together as so much of my little corner of the world is falling apart—and I am not involved in any special way putting it back together.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm so glad that you are alright, and not out of your home, or out of power. And, doing something, no matter how big, is good, and phone chargers are a very big thing according to the news people. If everyone did as much as you have, imagine how much help there would be.

I agree about sewing. It's a very good thing to do. You inspire me to make some clothes for myself again.