Monday, November 26, 2012


 To where I want to be.... That is—back to where I was!

The socks are once again about 6 inches along.. and this time, super stretchy. They are looking good—this stitch has a lot less texture, but it still does the job of breaking up the colors—in a pleasant way. Another inch or so, and it will be time to start the heel... A classic flap/turned/gusseted one I think. Its my favorite heel for top down socks—I like the way it looks, and the way it fits.

There is a chance of pooling with gussets, and after, when half the sock is simple stocking knit.. But, I'll take my chances. There is a 50% chance the pooling (if any) will form on the sole of the sock—too --but really, does it ever?)

In addition to the socks, I started a small knit top—a simple one, knit top down, with saddle shoulders in double leaf lace, and the body will be worked in the same rib as in the leafy green socks. The same yarn too! --It will be a rare occurrence of a pair of socks and matching top. Who know—maybe this will become a trend. I doubt it, personally. For the most part, when its warm enough to wear wool socks, it too cool for a sleeveless shell. Even if I do end up layering the shell under a shirt.

You'll have to trust me on the rib—I haven't gotten there yet.. just neck band and the saddle shoulders (or rather 1 full shoulder saddle and one still under construction) so far. I don't often knit clothes on size 2 needles-- there is a lot of me to cover and progress will be slow. But it was pointed out, a simple top is about equal to 2 pairs of socks.. Or, rather, in my case, since my top will be both longer and wider—about equal to 5 socks/or maybe 3 pairs (but small pairs--200 to 250 g of  sock yarn –(my sock usually only use about 90g's) But I can knock out a pair of socks in 2 weeks if I work at it, so it really shouldn't take too much time. So a big project (by stitch count) —but really not a huge one.

Bits and pieces of sewing done, too. Another jumper finished, and skirt cut. A vest was cut when the jumper was cut—well-- all but the lining--and now that's cut, too. 3 coordinating casuals. I have a wrap skirt in this print, too. But its a bit short—great for the summer, but I like my winter skirts a bit longer. Still, I might once in a while, wear the vest with the wrap skirt. After these pieces get done (the vest, then the skirt) then... Another jumper!

This next jumper will be different . One with a dropped waist (instead of raised one) and more shaping in the bodice, too. A bit more flare in the skirt, too. So just about every element of the design will be changed. I like the jumper I just made—but I now have 4 different versions of this—and well, enough is enough!

Time to make something different. I don't see much sense in making my own clothes and have total control of the design—and then just mass producing the same thing, over and over again. It is convenient to use the same pattern over and over again—and vary a detail or two. But there come a time when some real changes should be made.  And I have reached that point.

But it will still be a jumper—so not too different.. I really like jumpers.. pop on T shirt and a jumper, and I am dressed and looking neat. More casual than a proper dress—but just as convenient. No zippers to fiddle with--either while sewing or wearing—unless I want to add one as a decorative element. Just pull it over my head and be done. Something I can wear with a long sleeved shirt in winter, on its own in the summer, and with a short sleeved T in between.   

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