Friday, November 02, 2012

Been Sewing

 And have an almost complete dress to show for my effort. I still need to bind the armholes and hem it; but it's almost done—and looks like a dress.

This is the 4th time I've made this dress/jumper. The first version was a light weight cotton in a light blue and white print—and it got a matching jacket. Next came a linen version—black with a silvery print. Both of those versions are very summery and worn as is (as a sleeveless dress) The heavier weight Scarlet O'Hara blue cotton has been worn as a sleeveless dress in the summer, and as a jumper--with a t shirt underneath a few times already.

This version will likely most often been worn as jumper—with a short or long sleeved t shirts underneath almost all the time. It might get dressed up a bit by wearing a brown or red blazer like jacket over it—I have one of each. I have some sweaters that match, too— and lots of T's in go with colors--so its a good fit with clothes I already own.

I like that pattern—it's simple enough (just 4 pieces to cut for the basic pattern)--with darts to give it some shape and fit, plus a seam at the waist line (raised waist line) to suggest a waist (with out any real waist shaping except at the side seams) Plus back ties to actually give some shape to the waist. The design is a pull over dress--with no back zipper or opening.  Fast and easy to sew, and easy to wear.  Not shapeless, but not fitted either.

I added pockets (almost invisible in the side seams) to ever version I've made—this version also has a small patch pocket on the left breast. It has some contrasting piping, too, at the neckline, for a bit of interest. Minor details are changes every time I make it. Though some remain the same.

Like the hidden inseam pockets—so better than patch ones for the most part. They give the dress a more finished, dressy look—not that this is a dressy dress. But it looks like a dress or jumper (and not like a house dress).

The first version was pretty much as the pattern views showed (except for the addition of pockets) The next version, in a dressy black linen, had a small placket at the neck and two silver buttons.

Scarlet O'Hara version had a full front opening—with pearl snaps. This version has piping and patch pocket on the breast. Simple, subtle changes to each version—combined with total different fabrics and different prints—makes each dress look remarkably different.

Today I will finish off the dress, and make the vest—Which as already been pinned together. I cut this second go round of the vest longer (by 2 inches) but with the same straight edge hem. It will have patch pockets, not inset ones, so that is another way it will be different different than the previous one. The pockets aren't large—but they are big enough to hold something (like a purse pack of tissues, or, my cell phone. The vest is much simpler than the dress—I should be able to finish it in a day. Then Saturday—the skirt—and I'll have a new set of co-ordinates.

Later next week—a repeat—with the other fabric print. I haven't decided what changes I will make to the jumper--(a button down front? Or another small button placket? A sporty zipper down the front?--That's a possibility.) The Vest will get some changes, too—maybe a zip closure there, too.

Then there will be one vest (Scarlet O'Hara) with snaps, the next (dotty) with buttons, and the third with a zipper. No major changes to the basic design—just a little something to each one—to make it a bit different. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Speaking of spice--I made some progress on my Diamond Brocade Vest, too, Look: the beginning of the neck shaping—the end is in sight now!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I have to admit that it took some time for me to remember what the word "jumper" meant in the garment trade. I'm getting past it I think. lol.

I love that little pocket at the top. Handy for small phones and other bits and pieces.

I'm glad to see that you came through this storm well, and hope that others you mention often did as well. You are still close in my thoughts. Whew! What a mess.