Monday, November 05, 2012

Cabin Fever

Not me—but a few friends—and they thought going out shopping with me was the cure. So all my plans for the weekend went up in smoke—and what lovely smoke it was!

I love sewing, but spending time with friends beats almost any other activity hands down!

So I got some shopping done, too—and now my dinner for tonight (and Wednesday and likely Friday!) is in the oven cooking.. I finished up the last bit of turkey breast that  I bought and cooked  2 weeks ago on Friday.  Then on Saturday—bought another one (on sale, of course!) . Today I loaded up on vegetables (I was out with a friend who has a car—so I could buy with out a thought of carrying them home)

Now, the turkey breast is in the oven along with pan of root vegetables that are roasting—carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips, shallots, and sweet potatos—a big pan full. I put the cut up veggies in a plastic bag, added a single spoonful of oil (so much easier and more effective than trying to do it in the pan!) and some spices. (salt, pepper and some Mrs Dash blend (see note below)) 

When they come out, some will be put away for a dinner later in the week, some will be dressed with some balsamic vinegar.. and make up most of my dinner—along with some of the roasted turkey—Sound yummy doesn't it? A perfect dinner on a beautiful fall day. The weather will be nasty later in the week--some more of the veggies will likely become a soup.  

 I really enjoyed being out and about today, and over the weekend with all the sunshine and brisk air--and good company to go along with it the good weather. 

And I'll enjoy my sweet chunky root veggies that are a nice change from all the salads I have been eating (I bought a bunch of salad greens, too, I haven't given up on salads yet!--or cook greens either). While the oven is on, I am going to roast a pear, too, for dessert--a zip of fresh ginger in with the pear, I think, too.

So no skirt yet, and no buttons on the vest (but I do have buttons!) and no button holes, either. Though, purchasing buttons were one of the side trips this weekend.

As you know, I have ads from AdSense on the blog--(just got my once every 4 month check this week—perfectly timed to a Smiley's store sale!--there is more shopping planned.)

I was invited to join a program where I promote a product (like Mrs Dash) or some brand of balsamic vinegar, and I can get more money (pennies!) and I've passed on it. The AdSense money one of my sources of pin money—a way to treat myself to some unneeded (but desire) thing (like more sock yarn... Who doesn't want more sock yarn?) but I don't want to turn this blog into a commercial shill.

But Google and the like have spiders, and they try to match ads to interests (and food post get food ads) but for now, I am not interested in promoting any particular brand—If I mention something—its just because I do use it, (and I am not promoting it) I thank each and every one of you who do click on the ads.. I love getting a check in the mail—even if it only happens 3 times a year!

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