Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can You See

the mini (3 stitch) cable braids? I can't. But I like the texture of the stitch-- even if it isn't as clear a pattern at I thought it might be. I think it will also break up the colors, to, and make pooling and spiraling less evident.  Its a bit to early to see if I am right about that... But time will tell.

Braiding (cable braids) are just like real braids—three strands (or stitches) first, out side right to center, then outside left to center, then repeat. Or you could do it the other way, Center to right, then center to left.

The first method results in <<<<<< the second, >>>>>>--only vertical, not horizontal...

/\ \/
/\ \/
/\ \/
I am twisting the stitches (right over center, left over center) every other round –so its not that much of task. A simple 4 R repeat—and 2 of the rounds are knit every stitch.

 I have more time to day than I realized—and less on Friday—so a post today—and likely one late on Friday--or maybe nothing till Saturday.  Today--I plan to get all of yesterday's clean clothes put away (they aren't yet)--but a percentage need some touch up ironing--including the cottons that got preshrunk.  Sewing, too-if i have enough time.  

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