Saturday, November 10, 2012

Done! Done! Done!

 A skirt, a matching vest, and knit vest.
Not done? Socks.
Started? (and galloping along)--Arm warmers!

I had envisioned brown buttons for the vest—something to match the lining. But with out a car, my choices are limited. I could schlep around the city looking—or I could settle. I settled. Nancy thought the red buttons were the best. (I could have also gone with a creamy white, or the green).. The appeal of the red buttons is beginning to grow. They look even better when you don't see the dark brown lining fabric.

I know, I know, the pockets on the vest aren't perfectly lined up.... I worked hard on lining them up side to side—and total screwed up top to bottom. But no matter.

The skirt has a hidden button and hook and eye closure. And as all my skirts do, hidden in seam side pockets. It's only week late. Still, when I consider how many years I have talking about making some skirts, (and have even been knitting socks to match the skirts I was planning to make) Well- a week delay is small potatoes.

I have a lot of socks that will match this dotty set—Yellow one, orange ones, brown ones, red ones.. But then, I do have a lot of socks, don't I?--And the dotty vest will do double duty—since it also will pair up well with other (solid) skirts. Lined vest are comfortable layers to wear for added warmth as well as style. And the Diamond Brocade vest will pair up well with the dotty skirt, too.

So now I have 2 sets of 3 pieces—the Scarlet O'Hara blue, and this dotty set. Sometime soon, set 3. But maybe a solid jumper first... or a shirt dress, or.. another solid skirt... or the Scarlet O'Hara jacket... It's been a long times since I have been on a sewing jag like this. Its hard to chose what to sew up next.

The Diamond brocade vest is (as you can see from above) done, too. I should have made it longer. I have enough of the yarn. There is enough left over that this vest is going to have separate sleeves (arm warmers) to match. In spite of being a bit short, its warm and comfortable. Simple but not too plain.

And while I didn't knit a stitch on my Ocean and Sea socks, I did start the green Leafy Rib arm warmers. They are fast knitting compared to socks. The pattern is an easy one to knit—I know it by heart having learned it while doing the socks. And the work goes really fast on great big size 5 needles.

At this point, I am not sure that I am going to add a thumb hole even. Just long and simple arm warmers—with the emphasis on long—I am going to knit right up to the last inch of yarn and make them as long as I can.  I am guessing that will be 9 inches or so. But I won't mind if they end up even longer.
There is so much yarn in my stash,and I am busting with ideas for things to make with the yarn. Still, I am tempted today to head over to Smiley's sale and buy some yarn. Then I look at all the yarn I have, that I haven't knit yet, and say NO—It's not likely Smiley's is going to go out of business, and even if they did, they are far from the only yarn store I know or shop in. Enough! (I'll go next time there is a sale.)

Beside, while I got knitting and sewing done, there is soup to be made—I never got any cooking done.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

No no the red buttons are much better since the colors allow it. They look very nice! And, the orange vest is lovely. And thank you for the recipes. I like fresh made winter soups very much.

I'm knitting again. Thanks for all the encouragement to just let things alone and wait it out.