Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Must Have Been Drunk

Or blind; or blind drunk. There must be some excuse. I woke up this morning and looked at the progress made on the Ocean and Sea sock. The pattern is correct—but upside down... the light color waves connect to the dark ocean, the ocean waves to the sea.

Well--I am not undoing it. Let's just call it choppy seas and let it be at that.

A few more rounds of the light blue, and then a single band of blue, ribbing and a bind off. Or maybe ribbing in the light blue, and a tubular bind off in the dark. I haven't decided yet.

 Either way, I'll actually have a bit of yarn left. But, the end is in sight. What next –well, what socks next? Another secret pair? Or something simple or something else? I am leaning to something pink and coral and golden in hue-- 5 of the last 6 pairs of socks have been shades of blues or greens—I want some thing warm and golden to knit now.

The leafy arm warmers got the last inch done, and bound off, too. So another project is done, too.  For sure, I am casting on to make another pair of these--in the left over skeins (2 almost complete skeins, and 2 skeins of just a few yards. Enough, judging by the green, to make a pair almost as long.  I just need to work out the number of stitches, and get to work.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I love, love love those socks! ♥!! I'm going to steal your colors on the next pair. *big greedy eyes*