Monday, November 19, 2012

Now You See Them

Then you don't. I love the stitch pattern—I love the texture: I love how it looks, and how it breaks up the hand painted color way in an interesting way. I don't even mind than I have to work 10 rounds to have 7 complete rounds of knitting done.

What I do mind is:  while they readily slipped over my heel when they were shorter, with each round, its more difficult to slide the socks on. I want taller, not shorter socks.. and this stitch pattern, as much as I love the it  —isn't going to cut it.

So its time to frog (back to the ribbing.. there is nothing wrong with the cast on and ribbing) and start again. I am thinking of a braid like twisted stitch.. One I have used before –not quite a cable... but cable like. But so fine and over all.. it really doesn't look like a cable—though it does look rope like.  A slight variation on the stitch used for these socks.  It worked well with self striping yarn.. vaguely breaking up the stripes.  I think it will work well with this yarn, too.  

Tomorrow, I will be away (and Wednesday, and most of Thursday, too) so don't expect to see a blog post for the next few days.. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze one in.. and maybe I won't.)

But just think of all the news I'll have for you on Friday! These socks will have been transformed by then, and I plan to start my leafy rib shell tomorrow—I might have something to show you in that regard, too. I will be sewing this afternoon (right now, I have some wash going—I actually got it together, and did laundry before it became oppressive!) --included are the last of the cotton bolts..(all but 1) being prewashed and preshrunk.

They likely won't get ironed to the weekend, and who knows when I will get around to sewing something from them... Well one, a multi shade of blue in a very abstract sort of print might get made up pretty quick—I really like it. But what to make? A vest? (a waste—I will be left with a lot of fabric—but not quite enough to make anything else) A skirt? Maybe... a shirt dress? Or maybe a man tailored shirt—thought I have quite a few of those! (but none in dark blue)

Well what ever I chose, it's a ways off yet!

I am going to end with wishes that your Thanksgiving holiday is good one;  that your travel is easy, and your day a fine one. For me, its Over the river (not really a river) and through the woods (real woods) to grandmother's (not yet a grandmother) house (well, a restaurant near her house)we go   The WE being my daughter and her husband--and me too.  The perfect feast—someone else cooks and cleans up, and there are no mountain of left overs to nibble at!

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