Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Socks Done

Need I say more? I ended up with a light blue cuff and then 2 rows of simple double knitting before sewing a kitchenerd tubular bind off, in the dark blue. Wove in all the tails too, so they are done and finished.

And if the old socks are done, well it stands to reason, new socks started! In the bright clear colors of dawn—all rosy pink and sunshine yellow. Well--that how today dawned.  Lovely but cold.(I was awake at dawn—and admired the sky—and then rolled over pulled the covers tight, and slept for another hour and half—7:30 is not too slovenly a time to get up.)

These socks are top down, (just because the last pair I knit were toe up) with a simple cast on--a long tail with a twist. 
Not a twisted long tail but a twisted/ braided one. Start with a standard long tail. Make the tail a bit longer (an inch or two for sock—more for more stitches or thicker yarn.. NOT a lot longer.. but....)

Set up (if you use a slip knot to start, make one; if you use a twisted that) *Make one standard long tail stitch. 
Twist the yarns:  Bring the thumb yarn up and over to index finger, drop the index finger yarn down, and set it up on thumb. Repeat.

The tail yarn  and ball yarns will twist up, (and it becomes annoying by about the 40th stitch cast on!) so stop and let them untwist (slide all the twists down, and let the tail end untwist)

The difference between this version of long tail and a standard long tail is almost imperceptible—when you look at them-- Especially when working with a standard long tail set up.

It's a bit more obvious (and the braid is more noticeable) if you use two contrasting colors. Or for that matter, 3 colors, or 4 colors.

The twist –as many twists do—creates some extra slack in the yarn. So you get a firm edge that is stretchy—perfect for socks—or any edge that needs extra stretch. I have a video showing this cast on—using 3 colors.... (3 separate yarns) (if you don't under stand how I am moving the yarns) The same twist/rotate motion works for two yarns-- be they 2 separate yarns (contrasting colors) or just a standard ball and tail –(and it also works for 4 separate yarns/colors--or if you are crazy 5 or more colors)

These socks are going to have a 3 X 3 rib for the cuff. I don't much like a knit and purl cast on (be it a knit cast on, or a cable cast on, or even a knit and purl long tail cast on.) I like a smooth top edge. I like this cast on for a nice stretchy edge, that is slightly decorative and just a bit different—but very easy to work.

I'll have some good photo's to show you tomorrow.--The my photo 'studio” is getting too much sun light now (it's afternoon) for a good shot.

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Anonymous said...

You clever lil' devil you. lol

I'll try to learn that one as my punishment for not knitting enough the past year. ;-)