Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Best Laid Plans....

often go awry!

Tuesday, I had a doctors appointment--(or rather a Lab appointment) The white jacketed vampires sucked my blood (vials of it!) --and did such a good job, there wasn't even a pinprick of blood on the gauze bandage and not a hint of a bruise—which is pretty impressive since I get bruised with a hard look.

It was raining Tuesday (some parts of the area got snow, but my area of Queens didn't) and I got chilled. Partly it was all the errands I ran while I was coming back from the doctors. When  I finally got home, (early afternoon) I was chilled to the bone.

I crawled under the covers to warm up, and fell asleep. I woke up just in time to head out to Tuesday knitting—which was pretty quiet—Just 2 of us. I got home early from knitting and since I had napped, stayed up late. By the time I went to bed, I was a round short of 7 inches on my Take 2 socks.

Yesterday, it was doctors again—only not for me. A good friend , B–who is a pig headed guy—has gotten an infections (an ulcer) and it's drained all his strength—so he asked for help. I drove him to the doctor, (and then parked the car after dropping him off at the front door). Then waited with him,(his HMO is deplorable—over a 2 hour wait—past the scheduled time for the appointment!) Then I drove him round and helped him fulfill his prescriptions—which involved several stops-- when the first 2 pharmacies didn't have the drugs in stock.

B is a smart man in many respects, but he likes to maintain he has perfect health—that his real problems (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and some nasty side effects from these conditions) don't exist. Which is how a small blister became a huge, open, infected wound.... I know, I too suffer from wishful thinking (it's not so bad, it will get better on its own)--but eventually I concede defeat ... I see a doctor, I get the treatment I need, and recognize, while I do have generally good health (knock wood)--I am not 20 anymore, and I need to take better care of my self, and act my age. (which while I steadfastly maintain is 47—only I know it's not.)

B (10 years my senior) is a bit pig headed. He maintains A: he is healthy (when in truth, he has some serious health concerns), and B: he is still young (not really!) Even if he did have perfect health, he is older, and some things are slower (like wound healing) and letting nature take its course, isn't going to work anymore (well not all of the time). And then there is C: his attitude that all Doctors are all idiots (an attitude that doesn't really help!)

Yes, some doctors are idiots—but it seems that his doctors weren't all wrong (and his underlying heath issue have contributed to his slow healing)—But he has fought them tooth and nail on this—Until eventually, after a million tests, it was pretty clear—B's self diagnosis of the problem (a hairline fracture in his foot) wasn't really the problem. He claimed it was a stress fracture that caused him to limp, and the slightly limp was why he got a blister... (but really couldn't explain away why the blister didn't heal, and why it got infected.)He refuses to use a cane--even though he is virtually unable to walk.  He is convinced he doesn't need one.  But other patients at the HMO thought I was his daughter... He shuffles like a much older man, and looks 90--instead of using a cane and walking like a younger 65 year old.  (Me? When my arthritis is bad, I don't hesitate to use a cane! Thankfully, I only need it a few days/times a year. but when I need it, I use it.) 

B has been good to me over the years—and while right now, he is whining and whinging (with some just cause, he is pain) just about non-stop. I try and maintain my cool and do what I can to help him—though I didn't realize that yesterday's good Samaritan effort was going to take the better part of 6 hours! I am not cut out to be a companion to a sick old man.

Late in the afternoon—when I might have been writing a blog post—I got (and took!) the opportunity to go out with a knitting friend. A light lunch, and some knitting, and some shopping, and some how, the hours flew! I didn't get home till 9 PM! I should have been tired out, but it was refreshing to do something enjoyable. 

I did get some knitting done.. My Take 2 socks have flaps (and one has a turn in the heel, but not the other!) and my turquoise print vest has been pieced together—as outside and lining.. but these two pieces haven't been joined-yet. But they are pinned and ready to go.

So today was a lazy day—putzing around doing some cleaning (well emptying the dishwasher) and paperwork (end of the month, and some bills are do, and more are do next week) And there will be knitting and sewing, too.

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