Monday, November 12, 2012

There is Still MORE Yarn!

My arm warmers (who needs arm warmers when its 60°?) are almost done—Un-stretched, they are over 12 inches long;   though they shrink a bit in length when I stretch the ribs open. I have more than enough yarn to knit another half inch. By the time I am finished, they will be long enough to cover my arm from the elbow (actually just above the elbow) to below the wrist. I could add a thumb hole and make them more like a  fingerles gloves (opera length!) than sleeves-but I like the idea of sleeve/arm warmers better.

I am definitely knitting another pair of these! Well- not quite the same-- as much as I like the stitch pattern, one pair in this stitch pattern is enough. So, next, a different stitch pattern—or maybe two or three! First will be a pair in spicy brown to match the diamond brocade vest, then a pair to match a colorful cowl I have, then.... Well I some more of these in the future.

But before I get ahead of my self, I am going to finish the Ocean and Sea socks. Then start another pair of socks, because, I am behind on my schedule. My collection of homemade sock club kits are collecting dust! I never got to the dragon socks. (and the year of the dragon is quickly coming to a close!) and the black eyed susy socks haven't been started, (or really even planned beyond the yarn!) And there are other bags... what was the plan for them? It's been so long, I will have to find my idea book and look up my plans. Not to mention there is a skein of white sock yarn that's been made into a hank—for another custom color pair of socks sometime in the future (as if I didn't have enough patterned and painted sock yarn as is.)--or plans for that matter.  I have more ideas for socks than I have sock yarn, and if I were to knit a pair a socks a month for the next 5 years--I still would have sock yarn to knit.

Plus there is the plan for a shell with the same leafy ribbed pattern. The plans aren't much—just some numbers on a scrap of paper, plus a stitch pattern. But I have the yarn, and the needles, and what more do I need?

It is mild today, --foggy this morning when I first got up, but now mostly burnt off-- but winter is coming, and I need warm clothes. Speaking of which—a jumper won out.. in a soft overall turquoise print. A full button placket down the front-- in this version.  But otherwise no changes. The same scoop neck, the same back ties, the same hidden pockets. Just a bit difference up front where it is most noticeable to make it look different. Eventually, a skirt from this fabric, too, and vest. It's almost boring making the same thing, over and over again. But they are comfortable separates—skirts and vest that create a dress look, or that mix and match with other skirts or vests, quick and easy dressing with jumpers. And each set has small changes—longer, or with different pockets, or different front center details. And a few T shirts—long or short sleeved, and I am good to go.

And when I wasn't knitting, my other plans for the winter include soup.  A  pot of soup got made (Chicken and Sweet Potato--you can find my recipe here) An other pot (Carrot and Ginger) is on the stove.

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