Friday, November 30, 2012


All sewn up, but still button-less. The buttonholes are made, and a needle threaded to sew the buttons on.. so almost, but not done yet.

I'll get to the buttons later today. This is the longest (and best liked) length so far. It has welted inset pockets, (like the scarlet O'Hara one) and buttons like the dotty one. So it's the same, only different. I like the look of the inset pockets best. It's a lot of work for a simple garment, but then the devil is in the details, isn't it? Fitted, lined, with inset pockets, back ties...Lots of details. The result is still a casual little vest, but a rather nicely made one.

Right now, I am taking a break from zigzag binding the edges of the skirt pieces. This skirt is the same 6 gore skirt that has been my most frequent choice (I have also made a 4 gore A-line a few times for variety)--and it too, is slightly longer (another 3 inches). Longer is better for the winter months.

In my collection of sock kits—I have this sock yarn. I have some socks already that will go with this turquoise, but

I am on to other spool of thread, too! This is spool 3 for this color. If I follow through, and make a man-tailored shirt of the solid poly-cotton that I used for the lining.. I will likely need yet another spool. But then, I found a good use for the empty spools.

A Martha Stewart craft—perfect for me, since I have A: lots of colored paper and card stock B: a circle paper cutter, C: a bunch of empty spools!  I likely have dowels the right size too, and a glue gun... I don't think I have gold beads the right size, but—I have gold paint.. and I can find something to act as a topper.

Meanwhile Take2 socks have turned heels, and stitches for the gussets picked up, and even 2 rounds done on the gussets. I am on my way to having them finished!

Even with finishing these, and perhaps another secret pair next month—I am behind my goal of getting 24 pairs of socks knit this year. Its was an overly ambitious goal.. in my best year ever, I knit 19 socks, and those were just knit, not knit and documents, too. Documenting the details takes almost as much time as the knitting!

I am thinking too, about making a new list of things to knit for the new year. Some, like some of my sock designs, will carry over, and some new items will be added. Its as clear as day that I don't need another shawl—but I am thinking about knitting one anyway. Actually more than 1. One blue one, (in a pretty sock yarn, to match socks) one in green (once I finish the green leafy shell –the same one that I haven't knit a stitch on in the past week), and one in a peachy color. Not really a match to the Take 2 socks.. but a good go with color.

And there there is this chocolate brown wool that been making noises.... I have a chunk (8 oz or so) of fingering weight shetland wool, and another chunk (another 8 oz) in an almost perfect color match—which is somewhat amazing!--in mohair.

Plus, I am planning to do some more videos... There are cast ons I haven't documented, and techniques I want to share, and.... well I have more plans than time!

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