Monday, December 03, 2012

A Skirt

Well a skirt--minus a button and hook and eye at the waist band-- and a final pressing. But close enough to being a skirt as to count.

Eventually (and an not too distant eventually) there will be a man tailored shirt in the same poly cotton as the vest lining.

And likely a T-shirt will be embellished with an applique of the same fabric, and some machine embroidery. Not something I do very often but in this case, I think it's worth the effort. I have a summer wrap skirt in this fabric, a jumper and this 2 piece set—almost a complete wardrobe of mix and match separates once I add a shirt and T-shirt! This color turquoise has been one of my favorite colors for—well for-ever!

I remember clothes my mother made me, in this color, and I remember a skirt and dotted swiss blouse I made for myself a former lifetime ago.  Honeymoon co-ordinates—all easy care for a long jaunt through Europe (on $5 a day!) in this same color (paired with 2 other skirts (one white, one navy) and tops and a white jacket, it was a total mix and match wardrobe). And there have been other outfits since then, all through the years. 

Getting back to the idea of applique-- is so easy now days—there is an material (HeatnBond is one brand) , that you iron it on to fabric, cut out the shape you want, peal off the paper backing, and iron it on to what you want. Top stitching (for a decorative effect) is not really required—but I have some turquoise silky rayon thread—so you know I am going to top stitch and add some sewn on details.

Besides, my sewing machine has some pre--programned stitches—a feature I rarely use—but there are some designs that will co-ordinate nicely with this floral print. A bit of applique and machine embroidery will turn an inexpensive T shirt into a really nice looking top. 

As for knitting... well not much progress there. I had an off day on Sunday—and was for a few short hours, sick as dog. Right as rain now—I realized as I type this, I often (well not often, but...) have short transient bouts of illness—which pass—most often in a few hours. I hardly think myself to ever be sick—because I rarely feel ill 2 day (hell, rarely feel ill for 10 hours!) at a stretch.

So the socks have most of gusset (3 more rounds to go)--but it's hardly enough progress to see. Wait till tomorrow, then the sock will be inching towards the toe and look almost done. (Even with more sewing being done today) 

Speaking of socks—I already have a few pairs of socks that will go well with my new turquoise collection—and I am thinking.. maybe a small short sleeved raglan sleeve topper might be in order.. or perhaps a shawl.. Or maybe one of each! I have some Lion Brand Sock Ease—color way sno-cone that is a bit dark, but still a good color match, and some Red Heart Sparkle—mostly wool with some nylon and sparkly threads—it's a good choice for socks or for a simple shawl. The Red Heart is a bit light--but it's still a good match.  

 I know a short sleeved, simple raglan sweater would be great with jumper--sometimes it gets cool on summer evenings--and when it doesn't the A/C can make it too cold indoors. A little something over the shoulders can be a real godsend.  

Oh, my list of thing I want to knit! It grows faster than I can knit. Sewing—has a different sense of satisfaction—and certainly,  its faster!

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FuguesStateKnits said...

Love this! Especially the lining:) You go, girl:)!!