Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hop Scotch

Last time, the front was longer than the back, now the back is longer than the front. So it's time to work on the front again.

The back is now 7 inches, the front, just a row or two past 5inches. The next hopscotch will bring the front to 7, and then I'll continue working on the front till it's 9 inches.

Very soon—at this rate, I'll progress to working working in the round! I am quite pleased with my progress, I don't often knit clothing for myself on size 2 needles.. but I do really like the fine knitting.  It looks so lovely.

I've made some serious inroads to the 2 skeins I am working with, but I will have plenty of yarn left once I have finished the armholes. I have 3 full skeins, and 2 partial skeins left over from the socks—I suspect I won't need the partials—or at least not all of them. According to the article that inspired this shell, I should only need 800 yards or so. Each skein of the Sock Ease is over 400, (and I have 3 or about 1300 yards!) Even slightly over-sizing top, and making a the largest size, I should have more than enough

At this point, the ribbing is beginning to pull in (more with ever row I knit.) It's beginning not to look over sized at all. But it's big enough that it won't stretch out fully when I wear it, though it will be a bit clingy. The compression caused by the ribs will help make the cap sleeve, too. 

And then there are the socks! I finished them (99%) yesterday morning, when I was out and about--(which really involved a lot of sitting and waiting) –but didn't get the toes grafted to late afternoon.

But they are done! And now, ....(The king is dead, Long live the king!)I think I should get to work on my dragon socks—The year of the dragon is coming to an end very soon.

But before that—A Hat is need! Gianna, the proprietor of the restaurant we meet at for Tuesday knit night had a birthday. A present is required. It will be belated birthday gift,  but better late than never!

I have to decide if I am going to do something new, or make an new version of some pattern I done before. And I have to decide on wool (or non wool) and.... Well some decisions to made, and quickly—I need the hat by next Tuesday!

A hat is a quick to knit project—and it won't take long once I decide on yarn and pattern—It won't take much longer to come up with a new pattern, for that matter!

The problem is—Once I start looking through my stash—I get thousands of ideas for things I want to knit. I've always purchased yarn with an idea in mind—thought, I admit, I often change my mind, somewhere between the purchase and project.

Some yarn peeked out early this week—and reminded me I planned to make a turquoise sweater (a worsted weight one) and now I am thinking... A sweater of the worsted weight wool, a fingering (sock) yarn little shrug,  and another sock yarn mini-shawl scarf (these last two from these yarns, that I photographed last week, shown here again) –3 little knits to match my turquoise print co-ordinates.  And socks to match the shrug, and socks to match the shawl—since I already have several pairs of turquoise socks that will match the sweater and clothing..That is, if/when I finally knit it.  Won't that be just the thing?

That's the thing with some colors—I love them and come back to them, again and again. Having a wardrobe of turquoise clothing is a fine thing when I have a stash that includes lots of turquoise yarn.

Actually I have 2 collections of turquoise worsted weight yarn.  The bright light blue that caught my eye—but I know I also have 8 skeins of  a darker more teal like tone--(not quite as dark a the sock, but almost)  in my collection, too. --Do I need two turquoise sweaters? (Will I knit two turquoise sweaters?!) Well, I have the yarn.

And that's a lot of knitting planned, isn't it? And I am still less than 1/3rd done with the Leafy shell! And I still have several socks kit bags--that is socks I planned to knit this year (I was overly optimistic about what I could accomplish!) --And ever bigger bags that hold  my stash of sock yarn! and a hat, and....

I have lists, and lists of things to knit. I suppose the good news is, I chill easier—I am wearing my shrug from last year, (right now) and wore several other scarves and shawls (other days/times this week) . So I am getting more use out of my knits! I guess the solution is I have to knit more.

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