Saturday, December 08, 2012

Inching Along

 A little here, a little there, and nothing really done.

My socks? At some point in the gusset, I went brain dead. I totally messed up the pattern one night, and well, come the morning, when I saw it, I decided I didn't care. So what the pattern is different? Then I messed up worse. I could have frogged.. but these are TAKE 2—they have been frogged once.

So I just gave up on the pattern.. about the point were there are 5 inches of the foot knit.--and since then, another inch as been knit. But I need yet another inch and then some, before I can start the toe.

Now its just plain knitting, and watching how the yarn pools and the colors move. I am not entirely happy about the pools. But since I really love the colors in these socks, I can live with a bit of pooling in the toe area. I am totally happy with how the colors break up in the leg of the sock. 

To cheer myself up, LOOK!  an inch here, and there.... my shell is taking shape.

At this point, it is a bit big (and it will stay a bit big) Ribbing by its nature, pulls in. So this ribbed sweater is going to be close fitting. But it's a bit lacy, and to make sure its not too see through, I want it to not be too stretched when its worn. So a bit of ease means, the ribs will stretch but won't be fully stretched (as they are on the socks) when I wear the top. It will be close fitting, but still have a lot of ease. 

Amazing enough, I actually have a bra that is just the same color. I think with a lacy open top like this, a matching bra, or one in a perfect skin tone matching color (for me, a pale pink shell color!) is the most becoming. Or, of course, I could wear a cami under it--But that's not likely to  happen. More likely is an over shirt--so it won't be so obvious how lacy it is. 

I started with a few short rows—so the back is just a little long than the front—I think this makes knit things fit better. And I am alternately working the front (4 to 8 rows at a time) and then the back. Below the armholes, the sweater will be knit in the round. Right now, there is about 1.5 inches of the ribbing done, plus the garter band on the top.. just over 2 inches total.  Which is really a lot of knitting when we are talking about sock yarn and size 2 needles!

What has otherwise kept me busy is my social life—which for months on end can be virtually non-existent—but as of late, has kept me out of the house, running round, and busy. It will slow down again—It's not really holiday stuff—so I don't expect things to settle back into slightly boring come the new year—but by the spring—yeah.

Yesterday (and today)-Cooking! I have this thing.. I really hate it when there are more POTS than people at a meal. And since most nights, its only me, that means 1 pot per meal.  It's one of the reasons I love to precook soups and stews, and other dishes. Then, I pot for protein (or for vegetable) and one prepared dish--(no pot!) and I have a nice supper.

Being busy—I have eaten up all the curries and soups I cooked 2/2andhalf weeks ago. So yesterday, some more curry—mostly protein--(I always start my curries with chopped onions and I added a can of tomatoes to the sauce—but 16 ounces of tomato spread over 6 servings hardly counts as a vegetable serving!) Today, another (bigger) pot of my sweet potato and chicken soup--which also has onions,  tomato, carrots, and kale--a nice mixture of vegetables...enough that I don't need to add more vegetable  to make a meal. 

Tomorrow, when I run some errands, I'll stock up on frozen chopped spinach—my favorite vegetable with curried chicken. My second favorite veggie (with curry)  is baked sweet potatoes --which have the advantage of baking-- often just on a double layer of aluminum foil—(No pot or pan to wash!) --but have the dis-advantage of not offering enough contrast in color--(and not being as nutritious) Some nights when I feel up to it.. I do both—a little spinach and small sweet potato.. with a rich chicken curry.. Yummy!

I also cheat --and buy prepared vegetable curries--and sometimes these are the basis for a vegetarian meal, and sometimes, I serve them with baked fish--But the best premade curried dishes are usually to hot (even when the packages says "Medium") for my palate.  Queens has a lot of DESI's(India sub continent natives) and most stores sell a nice selection of authentic pre made curries and sauces--so buying pre made really is an option.      Plus, in  last Sunday's NYTimes Mark Bittman had a bunch of easy recipes for Dal (bean ) dishes.... 

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