Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas Day.

I don't do much for on Christmas. I don't celebrate it as a religious or secular holiday. So instead, its just a quiet day for me.

My DD is off visiting family (I've been invited.. but I always pass) My son will call later in the day.. but me? I'll take an easy day—get some ironing done. A recent trip to the laundry room has left me with lots of clean clothes.. and a small pile of ironing. I love the feel of cotton—and I put up with the need to iron. I also have a pile of sock to put away!--I had a whole (albeit a small one) load of wash-just for my socks!  I hadn't come near to running out of clean socks to wear. 

The next few days will be busy—R has one appointment tomorrow, another on Thursday, and I have a general check up on Friday! I might not post anything much this week—but I am likely to get a fair amount of knitting done! He is still not up to driving--so I'll be driving him around. (When he gets  morose--and carries on, I remind him he can't die until he finds his car's title and signs it over to me!)  Friday I'll take the subway be on my own. 

As for knitting--well a start—after several false starts—to a hat. It's about half way done—and it suits me! I am a bit of square peg in round hole world—so a square hat (for a round head) seems the perfect choice.

It's a theme I have experimented with before. The yarn is lovely—It's LLH “Savanna Colors”--a very loosely spun blend of alpaca, linen, wool and nylon. I have 3 skeins of the stuff—and will likely finish the hat with just one of the three. Maybe a cowl or neck ring to go along with the hat will be produced.

I've added a few more rounds to my leafy shell—but not enough so that you'd really notice the change. But with 3 doctors offices to sit and wait in this week—I should make some real progress.

I got a big—Not bubble tea big—but bigger than average drinking straw, too. Its been cut up into a hundred odd little stitch markers for my bottom up shawl... Not that I have started knitting it yet...but I am slowly amassing all the tools I need to get started.

I hope Christmas is for you, all you hope and wish.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Well, you had the Peace of some good days of just doing exactly what you wanted to do, so that's great! Regular life starts up soon enough as it is. Enjoy the freedom.

I saw a squared hat on an child actress yesterday. It was so cute that I thought, "I want to make one like that!" I'll watch your hat progress.