Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Out and About.

Out for a some hours yesterday, again tonight, and again tomorrow morning. Life is keeping me busy.

In some small spaces of time, in between, some knitting got done.. Not a lot—but I am happy with the progress. The Leafy (green) shell is coming along. Now the front is more than an inch longer than the back—and more than half way to the armhole end. The Shell is wide, and the outside edges will fall off the shoulder and make a little cap sleeve.

I am once again working on back (stitch markers mark each side—peach for front, blue for the back)--I'll bring it even to the 5.5 inches of the front, and then add another inch/inch and half before I return to the front. 9 inches is about the right depth for the armhole. At that point, I'll add another rib repeat at the underarms and start the long boring slog to the hem. I'll need at least 11 inches—but I am going to try for 13. Enough to come to the waist, and go beyond it.

One special treat when I was out and about was a pretty piece of “re-cycling”(aka garbage picking—from the recycle dumpster. I love having a collection of bags and boxes and containers for my knitting notions. Clear bags are wonderful (its so easy to find tapestry needle or stitch marker hastily thrown in the bag.)

But I love tins, too. I collect tins, and use tins all the time. This tin with a window? Just about perfect as a notions box. And with its bright red color—it's hard to lose, too. And FREE?! Wow the perfecta!

I have some magnetic sheets—the kind with adhesive backing—one will be cut to make a lining for the bottom—it will help hold scissors or needles in place.

Still working (not to much) on the Take2 socks. More tonight at Tuesday night knitting—maybe even enough to finish the foot (and then the toe!)

Finally a plug. Some of the women from Tuesday night knitting belong to another group—and they have entered the MochiMochiLand photo contest. So here is a plug for their project.
There are so many wonderful projects—but consider voting for the Knitman Samper, won't you?
Vote by adding a comment, naming Knitman. You have to scroll to find Knitman—but don't just stop there, see the whole story here. (Start here first maybe--it make the project 'story'--which is as fun and whimsical as all the little characters.)

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