Friday, January 25, 2013

1 Skein—Here and Gone, and Back Again

I usually write a post, edit it, and then take the photos-- When I did this on Wednesday, I discovered a major mistake in my mohair cowl-- Some where along the way, I had “lost” the edge stitches! The result was noticeable when I went to take the photo—Some how, I failed to see it (or recognize) my mistake till then.

I didn't rewrite the post.. but I did, that afternoon, frog the cowl.. all the way back to the mistake. (about 3 rows into the 2nd skein!)

Since then, I have been busy (and will be for the next few days/weeks) so trust me when I say today the cowl looks almost the same—it's at the end of the second skein, --or about 19 inches long—again. Only now, all 19 inches have a garter stitch edge.

I am late—and I still need to spend some time bundling up—the weather is frightful—I would just as soon not be out in it... but off I go! The only good news, it I will have lots of waiting time, (and some subway time) so I will get some knitting done.

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