Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 in Review –Knitting

At the beginning of last year, I wrote a list of knitting plans--. (20 Entries! Not counting a separate list for socks with 24 entries) It was pretty ambitious list.

I get some of the list done-- And some things done that weren't on the list.. Most notable was the shawl I wore to my daughters wedding. It was a big project—and ate into knitting time.

Still I managed to get a lot of knitting done.

I planned 24 socks. Even as I planned them, I knew I was unlikely to get them all knit. My best year ever for socks, I knit 19 pairs. But I did get 16 pairs of socks knit.. so not to shabby. 11 were public socks, 6 pairs were for a semi secret project.--17 pairs of socks! Not bad, not bad at all.

I planned 3 small sweaters—all either cropped or sleeveless vest. And 1 big sweater (a big, loose, almost coat like sweater) I got 2.5 knit. My grey short sleeved sweater, my spice vest, and half of my leafy green shell. Not bad.

I planned several scarves and or shawls. One of my planned scarves got knit.. and another  4 other scarves-not planned- got knit, too. I got one shawl knit—but Oh, my! What a shawl it was.

I didn't plan any hats—but got 3 knit.

31 (well 31.5) projects in all---Not a bad showing for the year. One project--my Leafy Cowl/collar was document, the pattern added to my collection—two more patterns are near completion-- they will count as 2013 projects, but the bulk of the work was done last year. There are others patterns tha have been documented –but not released-- as well.

I made 200 blog posts, too—a bit short of my goal (250—which is not quite 5 posts a week) I didn't get any YouTube tutorial videos made, but I did make improvements to my web page.

It's day 2 of the new year, and by the end of the day, I'll have a project finished. I started these arm warmers in October 2011—and they sat untouched till yesterday—with a scant inch knit. They are being made with the left over LB Amazing yarn I used to knit my shaped front vest—The plan all along was to have separate sleeves for this vest.

Now they are 10 inches long, on the way to being 14 inches long, and done—almost certainly before I go to bed. I have some errands and shopping to do today (and some laundry (done Christmas week) to put away) but I have tasked myself today with working on a list of projects for the coming year. Like last year, I likely will make an ambitious list, and not finish all that I have planned  for... but I still like the idea of a plan. A flawed plan is better than none at all!

There will be some carry overs from 2012—Half a dozen ideas for socks to start, and plans for a heavy winter sweater coat too. And shawl and scarf patterns make up the next part of the list.

I have some beautiful yarns from my sister (Japanese yarns)--One--150g of a mohair is first up, with a simple scarf—I'll start with a provisional cast on, and if it ends up being too short—well it will be finished by grafting cast on to last row—and become a cowl. I think I will use a simple feather and fan (or is it old shale that I like?)—one of these ripple stitch patterns—just enough of a pattern to keep it interesting. I have seven skeins of this yarn-- but each skein is only is only 25g. Still, that's 175 g.  I have no idea of the yardage--if it written on the label, it in Japanese.. and I don't even know the characters for 1 to 12 (as might be found on an analog clock!). This is not a carry over from last year project--its just the yarn talking to me and telling me what to knit.

It will be a quick lacy knitand this yarn is bulky—I'll knit it up on size 9 (5.5mm) needles and make fast work of it. Mohair is warm, and even loosely knit and lacy, it will be useful.

Socks then—I need to get started on socks! I have more secret socks to knit, and public ones, too, and then on to another shawl—my bottom up one that I just need to start. Starting will be the worst—and every row after the start will be easier and easier.. I just need to start!

And there are hats to knit, and patterns to proof read and fully document—My head is spinning with ideas.

Later—as the weather gets warmer, there will be more scarves from the lace weight yarns my sister sent me.

Later this month—I will write up a list of sewing projects... I got a lot of sewing done last year—but I also got rid of lots and lots of old (oversized!) clothes too. For sure I got rid of more clothes than I have sewn up.  I still need some additions to my wardrobe. (My turquoise man tailored shirt sits half finished for a few weeks now.. collection dust... I must get back to it!)

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