Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A New Year, a New Hat!

I hardly knit any hats at all in 2012—but in the dying days of the year—2 got knit, other cast on, and now for the new year, more are planned.

My leafy green shell is sitting, forlornly un-knit for the past week. But it won't be for long. I am pleased with the progress and look, and I want to move this from the UFO to FO pile quickly.

This is my newest hat—a Serendipitous Cable Hat. I am not much for cables—but I like this one.

The hat –in someways is a failure—I was aiming for a slightly slouched hat—and this hat has no slouch at all.

 Maybe I'll start the new year off by reworking the pattern and getting a slouch version--But first—I am working on knitting another version of the Square Peg Hat—and a double checking the directions. I am using a different yarn, too.

I'll likely need to do a double check on the directions for the Serendipitous Cable hat, too. Lots of typing, lots of proof reading, lots of work making charts. A little bit of knitting thrown in, too.

I hoped to have the pattern for the Square Peg Hat available today—but—a few more tweaks are needed to the pattern to have it just right.

One tweak was a video for the suggested cast on. A video I had to create (done!). And I added the video to my YouTube channel, and to my Web page. And then while I was there, (that is—editing my web page to include the video) I did some more (much needed) editing on my web page (which I have really neglected these past few months—I have to get back to it!)

I was sure I had a video to the Emily Ocker cast on.. (Only I can't find it—so will likely make a new one) and these  new video's were supposed to be method 2 and method 3 (Emily Ocker being method 1).

That the way it is, isn't it? You start with A (an idea, an inspiration) and before you know it, you have to do everything from A to Z!

Well I suppose you don't have to. There are lots of patterns that are out there that don't have charts (or don't have text) and more that don't have glossaries. There are patterns that just say “cast on”--and that's OK—but I think that sometimes, a special cast on is needed. YOU can always substitute the cast on you like or want—but you should at least know which cast on I USED—and why—and how to do it. I want to give you the option of learning a new cast on, and having the exact same effect that I have--or going off and making the pattern your own by using which ever cast on you want.  

I also want to start the New Year off with thank you's to all of my faithful (and occasional) readers. You bring me joy each day and time you stop by to read my blog. Your support encourages me and lifts me up. Every year, I resolve to do a better job on this blog—and I think it is better  and better, year by year. With out, though, it would be nothing.

I am off to do a self review of my goals for 2012, and my actual achievements.. I know I fell short in some areas—but all in all--2012 was a good year.--Here's hoping 2013 is better.

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florapie said...

Happy New Year Helen!