Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All Knit Up

Last night; but I still have a half dozen or so ends to weave in, so not quite done. I plan to do the weaving in tonight at Knit night—a bit of vanity on my part—this way, I get to show them off.

I worked the toe is a 3 pointed star--(from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks)It's a new toe for me, and it's Meh. I think I'd like a 4 point or 5 point star better.

There is nothing wrong with the toe shaping, and I sort of like how the star shape is defined by working P2tog's instead of K2tog's. But there is nothing special about it either. I'll likely try this idea out again—with a sock knit with a number divisible by 4. I had started the sock with 64 stitches—I needed a multiple of 8 for the color work part, but when I worked the gussets, I decreased one set (2 stitches) on the instep, and one extra set on the gusset to bring the count down to 60—64 stitches would have been too many for a snug comfortable foot.

I think I'd like the star effect with a 4 pointed star—I don't have any nautical themed socks in my queue(and I think of 4 pointed stars as directions/compass points)--nor do I have any travel themed socks. Maybe I need to put something like this on the list—even if I don't get around to knitting them this year. 

It could be another pair of blue socks, with constellations, (in purls? In lace? In contrasting color?) And a 4 pointed compass star for the toe. Maybe 2 shades of blue.. one for the sky, and one for the sea. Oh, the ideas are coming fast and furious! They could be Masefield sock's (I must go down to the seas again, to lonely sea and sky...)

Getting back to the toe--Nancy's version of the star toe –based on patterns for 100+ years ago—has been modified. As she points out, sock were knit to a finer gauge—and 80 (or more stitches) where the norm for the star toe shaping. I have some Serenity sock yarn---in my queue. Actually, its beyond queue and into one of my home made sock kit bags! It not up next—but soon.

It's much finer than the Kroy—I usually work sock with it on size 1(2.25mm) vs size 2 (2.75mm) that I use for the Kroy. And at the same time, I usually work with 64 stitches. --which will work well for a 4 pointed star. So I will try this toe shaping out again—if not this year, than next.

I have done several different toe shapes, Round, Swirled, Flat (French), Flat (spade), Pointed, 3 spokes --and I really don't have a favorite—in terms of fit. I like the flat—French style-- and use it most often for no other reason than its easy to do. It works well with any stitch count (even odd numbers) and its pretty conventional looking. But I love trying out all the different methods for shaping heels and toes. With so many choices—direction, cast on, toe, heel, stitch pattern, color—It's easy to knit a hundred pair of socks and not have any 2 pairs the same. (If I wanted to have identical socks, I could just go to the store and buy a dozen!)

Weaving in won't take long, and I have an extra bit of commuting--(I am doing the good deed and visiting R today at hospital) so I will also take along my mohair cowl to work on. It's quick work—even if I make it over sized—and at this point I haven't decided on just how bit it will be—but I know  I want to finish it before starting the bottom up blue sparkle shawl.

My next socks are going to be secret ones.. If I am diligent, I can have them finished before the end of the month. (Well a girl can dream, can't she?) I need to keep some notes on these, so that will slow the progress a bit—but... I did finish up these Sanquhar inspired socks in just a week and day--and I also worked on my leafy shell (at the same time) an I have gotten a few (OK just 3 or 4) rows done on the mohair too.. It is possible to knock out a pair of socks in a week!

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