Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Winter has come to NY with a vengeance. For weeks, shorter days have hinted at winter, but we mostly have had cool weather—not cold (and not too much snow either) But yesterday? In the teens, with a wicked wind—there was no doubt about it.. It was a wintery day. And Friday—snow. OK just a few inches in NYC (some of the suburbs can expect more) –and the snow will be light and fluffy as really cold weather snow is. But for sure, there is no mistake it's winter time this week.

These are the kind of days that knitter can rejoice in. Me, yesterday? Hat, fingerless gloves (over real one –but not hand knit) a scarf (out side my coat) a lacy bit of wool (a decorative scarf) inside my coat, and wool socks.

I could have worn a sweater (or vest, or a shrug) instead of the decorative scarf, and arm warmers, too, or added leg warmers to the outfit. What ever you style, yesterday, and today and tomorrow are days to show off and adorn yourself with warm and cozy hand knit things. (I wished I could knit something for my eyes! They were so cold! )

So I never did finish my socks last night—But I did make short work of weaving in the end this morning—So they are now in the finished pile. Mostly what I worked on was my lacy mohair cowl. Skein 2 has bit the dust, and I am sure I will make quick work of skeins 3 and 4 and the partial skein. It won't take long to make this a yarn into a cowl.

I am not sure what will become of the 3 remaining skeins after the cowl is finished, (or what to do with the cowl either)—The colors aren't really me. Maybe I'll pack it and send it back to my sister in Japan!
I am guessing she like the colors. She is near Tokyo—and the weather is generally milder there, but a pretty cowl can be decorative as well as functional. She has always been more sensitive to the cold than I am—so she'll get use out of it even if it is not so cold there.

I didn't get sewing done yesterday—I preceded knit night with a visit to R—who is doing remarkable well. He looks rested, his vital sign are good and he wound (his 3 foot long Frankenstein scar!) is healing well. Today he gets transferred to rehab—and will be a miles away (2 local stops, transfer to the F (which becomes a local at that point) and another 5 stops. I am familiar with the facility—It has parking, too, so maybe I will drive sometimes.

I have the dishwasher to empty (and to refill too!) and then this afternoon a bit of sewing.--I get back to work on the cowl tonight. It doesn't take long to knit up a 25 g skeins. I want to finish this before I start on my next pair of secret socks, and on my bottom up shawl.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Until I made the photo larger the beauty of your cowl didn't appear, but now it is airy and lovely. I love the colors and the diagonal stripe affect.

My Dad was a handful for my brother until the old guy finally moved out of my brother's tiny house. He's never EVER at fault and I don't think he's said he was sorry a single time in this life.

You must have a lot of patience, and are a very good person, whether you think so or not. Being cranky once in awhile is allowed. Hang in there OfTroy!