Friday, January 11, 2013

Back On Track

First—Yesterday: 2 rounds and the count was 17 inches—another dozen rounds and I was on track with 18 inches. But I didn't stop there—I added yet another few rounds. 

 Today: I am on track to get another inch, and a bit more done today. With a little bit of luck, I'll end the day with at least 20 inches. Who knows maybe even 20 plus inches.   I am already past the 3/4th done mark, and on my way to finishing up.

With every round I add to the shell, and continue to hollow out the skein. And while the knitting is getting heavy in hand—it is, really, relatively light weight.

300 grams is just 10.5 or so ounces. Even with the two mini balls, it's less than 11 oz. Worsted sweaters are much heavier and bulkier. There really is something to be said for knitting with fingering yarn. Light weight to hold while knitting, light weight to carry round, and light weight to wear. But I suspect, given how warm socks are—it will still be a nice warm comfortable shell to wear. I think I might wear it as a tunic/vest over a long sleeved cotton T-shirt in the winter (that's what I tried it on over) as well as a light weight shell. I like vests as a general rule—and this will be a pretty one.

I have in my queue, another sweater—a short sleeved, cropped, top down little sweater in a dark teal/Prussian blue—a color that will go well in my wardrobe—with socks to match too, naturally.--Another shade of Lion Brand's Sock Ease. It won't be next or even next again—It might not even get started till September but I think it will be a nice addition to my wardrobe and sweater I will wear a lot. I know I l like the fabric I am getting with this sock yarn-- and I am pretty sure I will like the resulting fabric in the same yarn—different color. I also know that a small shrug like sweater is something I will get a lot of use from.

I like this shell so much, that I have been thinking; I might make another pair of sleeves/arm warmers in this same stitch pattern—and in the same yarn. I have the heavier (sports weight!) ones—but I think maybe a perfect match (same color/same stitch/same yarn) might be even nicer. And not to much to knit—less than a pair of socks and simpler—no heel, no toe—just an open ended tube. I don't have the yarn—and they might end up being a different dye lot.. but that wouldn't matter much. I'll keep a look out for a coupon/sale and hope they have another skein in stock for me.

But not immediately! Immediately after finishing this shell, Socks-- and shawl. The socks in navy blue (and white) the shawl in sparkly light blue. I can hardly wait! I will still have the lacy mohair cowl in the mix—the hat? It won't take long to finish... I am a knitting machine!

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