Friday, January 18, 2013

Flapped and Turned

and stitches picked up for the gusset.

Does the progress seem slower to you? It does to me. Honestly I feel I knit twice as fast when I am doing color work. Then the needles just fly!  Or maybe its just that I find working the flaps and heel turning slow and tedious.  Who knows.  It's some progress.

But with the heel mostly done—I back to knitting in the round-- and I have passed the half way point in the sock. From now on its just round and round we go, till we get to the toe. I will alternately work on these and on the mohair cowl—It's past the midway point of the month—and I want to have these socks finished before the end of the month—and another pair started!

I got off to an early start today—I was up and out of the house by 6:30—(I took R to NY Hospital for scheduled surgery)On the way home I popped in to the grocery store too, but I had forgotten to take my list and forget to get half the things I need.

I have more or less completed my list of goals for knitting this year—My public sock list has 14 pairs--a bakers dozen plus one more worth of ideas.  All of them are my own designs—Some are toe up, some are cuff down, all have details that I haven't included--
  1. Striped Socks –candy apple (Lion Brand sock yarn solid/ and the multi tone Sock Ease)
  2. Lion Brand Sock Ease-Sno-Cone blue—with beads(These are carried over from last year's list)
  3. Dragon socks (These are carried over from last year's list, too.)
  4. Self Striping socks (blue's)
  5. Rubeckia stranded color work socks (home dyed yarn/ LB Sock Ease)(also from last years list)
  6. Tiger Stripe Sock (self striping yarn in a tiger stripe pattern)
  7. Spats—side ways knit socks with purl buttons—Likely white and some other color.
  8. Puffy socks in yellow/orange/browns (I have puffy socks in red/white/grey/black—I like them!)
  9. Sparkle Socks (to match shawl in same yarn)
  10. Spiral socks (made from left overs)
  11. Navy and White Sanquhar socks (On the needle right now!)
  12. Pinks—Lace laces.
  13. Patchwork sock—another design to use up left over sock yarn
  14. Grey--simple socks in a solid grey.

That's a pretty ambitious list, I know—but I don't might carrying over sock ideas from one year to the next—For me, the key thing is to have new ideas every year!I won't be knitting them in the order they are listed in.... Order is whim.

I have another list of non sock ideas—which is 16 items long—but it includes several hats—and while I love hats, and love designing them, and knitting them, they are quick to knit projects. There are also some lace shawls—which are a bit more complex and time consuming, and 4 garments—1 full sized sweater,(a heavy weight coat like one), a cardigan in alpaca (pink) a small sweater (cropped and with short sleeves—in blue sock yarn) and tabbard style vest—likely one with color work. I also have a bunch of potholders (double knit ones) I want to make, too.

I figure I can do one big project each quarter—and still have plenty of time to fit in the other stuff.  I might not get everything on my lists knit--but I still think its a good idea to plan.  I get more knit when I have a plan--for sure!

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