Monday, January 07, 2013

For a Smart Person

I am a slow learner. Once I get something, I devour knowledge whole—but boy, oh boy, it takes me a long time to get it!

But at least—I do learn. I have been lucky enough to have had good and patience teachers come into my life—And now, I too, have learned to be more patience with other slow learners.

I have learned to be more open too, to learning.... I no longer fight tooth and nail against knowledge I don't like. Life has blessed me by bringing Nancy into my life—who reminds me, with her own little mantra—You can be right, or you can be happy. Rarely—do you get to be both.

More and more, I am choosing to be happy. I count, among my blessing, knowing some people who are slower learners than I am. They remind, me, daily—I do have have a choice, and that I can chose happiness. Oh, I still want to be right—I haven't learned yet to let go of that desire.. but...One step at a time.

So I got a little bit of the Leafy Green shell knit over the weekend—progress seems so slow. But I have finished up both skein 1 and skein 2--and the result was 14 inches knitting. Right now, I am working with one of the 10g mini skeins left over from the socks (of the same stitch pattern). When it's finished, I will start in with skein 3. If (logically speaking) 2 skeins yielded 14 inches—skein 3 will add another 7—for a total of 21. 3 inches short of the desired 24 inches. I don't know if the mini skeins will be enough to add a full 3 inches—but I think they will add at least 2 inches.

Close—and likely close enough. Now all I need to do, is actually do the knitting. It is slow going knitting a shell on size 2 needles—but I do really like the fine texture of the fabric. I should do more fine knitting (and less of sweaters on size 8/5mm needles.)  I have some lovely alpaca—in a sports weight—thicker than sock yarn, but a lot finer than worsted—I have been thinking about making a sweater from this yarn for years. 

Maybe I should add a pink (I know, PINK!) cardigan to my queue. I don't have a lot of pink in my wardrobe. But...Its not a solid pink but a intentionally unevenly dyed yarn that ranges from the palest pink to a deep rose.  It's really very pretty.  

I haven't finished the Square Peg hat (version 2) or done any work on the lacy mohair cowl, or any other knitting—I have a bad case of startitis—I want to start on the bottom up shawl in the sparkly blue yarn—and I want to start some socks (Oh how I want to start socks—and I know just the ones I want to start!--Look (scroll down) at theses lovely socks.--Just the kind of color work I like--(all in the leg, none in the foot. ) and I like the colors too-Blue is always a good choice-- and Oh, please, can't I just cast on?! I have already started to plot out the designs and placements, I know what kind of cast on I am going to use, and have the yarn at the ready...

I want to start.... A million projects!--And there is white yarn calling out to be dyed, too. (and there will be more after the blue and white socks!)

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