Thursday, January 03, 2013

Here They Are

A quick and easy set of arm warmers—making the matching vest more versitile. I still have some yarn left—so likely one of my planned hats for the coming year will be made from the remaining yarn.  Something simple--a bit of a rib, and then mostly stocking knit like the vest. But it's day 3 of the new year, and I have an FO.

I am still working on my list of goals for the coming years—and have already gone off on a tangent.
The mohair that I showed yesterday, that I was sure was to become a scarf—a ripple knit one? Well it's going to be a cowl, and a lace one, but not a ripple stitch. I consulted a book to be sure of the stitch count for the old shale pattern cast on and tripped over another pattern that called out to me.. And so it begins!

One disadvantage to unknown yarn (and this yarn isn't one listed on Ravelry—making it really an unknown quantity) is: How much knitting will I get from a skein. Will there be enough for a scarf? Or will I end up with a small cowl? 

Since I have 7 full skeins (plus a partial)--and I have 4 inches knit already—and haven't come to the end of the first skein yet--it would seem I have plenty of yarn. I'll re-asses my options as I come to the last few inches of yarn in the first skein.

If I get 6 inches (of knitting)  times 7 skeins that will equal  42 inches—a generous cowl. But if if I manage 7 inches—or more? 49 or more inches in total. That's getting to be a big cowl. In that case, maybe I'll end up making a cowl and hat--(6 skeins for a cowl, and 1 and the partial for the hat.) Who knows? I enjoy this random element of knitting with unknown yarn. 

I started with a provisional cast on—this way I can have a neat grafted seam for the cowl. And I like how the yarn is knitting up. Little puddles of color—but not great big ponds. I like the diagonal stripes this pattern creates—with straight knitting—and not a bias fabric. I think this is going to make a very pretty cowl.

I am off today (mid afternoon) to take R to hospital (using the UK vernacular)--Another test, and maybe (if all goes well) he stays and gets the less invasive procedure. If things don't go well—then the plan is to schedule--at some future date—(a soon one) a more invasive procedure. The more invasive procedure will involve a longer stay and recovery time for him. (It also has more risks) So say a little prayer things go well.

It's still not certain if he wants me to wait—or to drop him off and come back latter and pick him up.
I don't mind either way—but I hope I don't miss The Big Bang Theory.--It's one of the few television shows I really enjoy—wait--make that commercial shows I still enjoy. I love and regularly watch lots of PBS broadcast.  In NYC—we are lucky enough to have Channel 13 (WNET)—a station that originates and co-produces many wonderful shows, and Channel 50 (WNJT) New Jersey's PBS station—It also originates  some award winning shows—(but most of them are local (i.e. about NJ))--but it also rebroadcast many of my favorite shows at different times than Channel 13.

My daughter occasionally suggest I get cable (and a tivo) and join the 21st century—but I remain steadfast in my decision not to pay for TV. I will likely at some point--(especially now with the news that INTEL is going to be offering channels over the internet—allowing you to select a single channel (the DYI channel say, and watch Knitting Daily) with out having dozens of other channels that you don't want (like say the Learning Channel—which once was nice and now is home to shows like toddlers and tiara's (it sad that I know this stuff.) set up a computer to watch Netflics or Hulu or other stuff on the internet on my TV. But not just yet. I just don't have enough desire to make the effort to all the research and work needed.  

I have my leafy green shell packed as knitting to go.... a few hours of waiting while R's procedure is done will see another inch or more  to this project.  I might even do some work on it before I head out.  It's time.

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