Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It Should Be Done

I used up all the yarn. Isn't that one definition of done? But it is not done. I put point protectors on the needle tips, and tried it on. I LOVE it. But it was too short. What a difference and inch or two can make!

I knew if I let it go, and bound it off, every time I wore it, it would be an endless struggle, with me, constantly pulling it down, try to make it long enough, to make it fit they way I wanted. And while I might temporarily pull it out of shape, I knew it would rebound, and be too short again.

I had no choice. I trudged over to the closest store (and then ended up going a few more blocks to the next closest!) and bought another skein (There is a god, and god loves me.. I was able to get the same dye lot). So the last inch/inch and half will be knit with skein 4—later the bulk of this skein will become a pair of arm warmers.. separate sleeves for the shell--something I have thought about--and now that I have the yarn--will do. (But nor right away!)

But... before I left, I was just sitting there.... waiting.. and thinking.. I am done—Well almost done. And I can't do anything else just this minute. (and I had things going on that I wanted finished before I left the house) . And if the shell was done..I could do other things.

I cast on. Mind you--I was just going to do that-- the cast ona little bit of fancy work-- for the socks.
It took me two goes to get the cast on done right (I dropped—and was unable to retrieve before it unraveled--one stitch in each cast on!) First-- Judy's Magic cast on –In navy, and then 1 round in navy.
Then I cut the navy yarn and went to the white. The two edges of the work were joined—and I knit 1 row of ribbing. Then I joined into a round (again) , and continued with more ribbing. What I did was create a pretty little tubular edge in a contrasting color.  I've woven in the white tail--but not the navy ones--they are just tucked inside the cuff to hide them.  The line is so crisp—the edge is just perfect.

The newest socks have been inspired by Tom of Holland Sanquhar inspired socks. Will they be authentic Sanquhar socks? No—just inspired ones. I started with the navy, changed to white to make the cuff. I was supposed to stop there—as soon as I had joined the cuff into the round. I didn't. I didn't finish the cuff--but it did some how acquire a few more rounds. It needs many more—I want a nice deep cuff –not my standard inch and half, but likely a full 2 inches. Then the fun begins!

The bulk of the sock will be navy—after a bit of fancy work after at the top of the leg . I am so excited about these sock.. and, really, they are just sock. But are hand knit socks ever just socks?

Last night before bedtime, I went back to the shell and worked the first round with the new skein.  I still need a dozen or so more rounds (1 or 2 repeats of the 8R pattern)--and maybe even 3 or 4 repeats since I have the yarn. But no more! I want to be done with this. I want it finished (because it is so close to being finished!) and I want to go back to my socks. I want it long enough to fit—but not tunic length—just long enough to come past my waist, and settle nicely on the top of my hip.

Last week at this time, I proposed the theory the shell would be done by today. It isn't. BUT I have knit up all the yarn I had on hand last week. So I wasn't far from the mark. I am not going to promise I will have it done tomorrow.. Tonight is knit night—and in theory I should get a lot of knitting done—but in reality we haven't been together for 3 weeks—and there will be almost as much socializing (and eating) as there will be knitting. But soon!

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grandmastatus said...

I know how annoying things are when slightly too short, and I think you're doing the right thing plowing through to get a garment you'll wear. Especially since its in sock yarn! What dedication! See, me I would have trudged out and bought some chunky yarn and started a hat. "What shell?"