Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Kicked down the doors and put theory in cuffs, and dragged it away.

I failed to get a full (or even a scant ) inch of work done on the Green Leafy Shell, Tuesday. I almost caught up yesterday—I added enough rounds, that,  instead of 15 inches, the length is now almost 17 inches—that is, it's more than 16.5—but it is a round or two short of a proper 17 inches.

It seems like it should be longer, I really knit a lot of rounds yesterday, and the skein of yarn is significantly lighter, (and noticeable hollow)--Enough progress has been made that I took a picture—It does look longer. Which is a bit encouraging. But, at times I can knit round and round and round—and measure it, and it's the same length—It's one of the projects that just doesn't want to go through progresses checks.

I keep getting compliments on it—every where I take it out to work on it. That's one of the good things about this project. It really is pretty. Everyone has something nice to say about the color—It is a pretty green—I don't agree with the color name (green apple) but I do like the color(today's image doesn't do justice to the real color).    And everyone has something nice to say about the pattern. I think I mentioned—I tried it on a few days ago—and its fits and feels nice on, too. It's a bit clingy—ribbing will be that way—but it's soft and stretchy—and isn't tight at all. It might be wider than it needs to be—but better too big than too small. I just need to just keep working at it.. getting my inch a day done.

On the other hand, I haven't been a total slacker. I got some work done on the Mohair cowl—I finished up the first skein of yarn. Now that I have finished 1 full ball—I find I have a 10 full inches of knitting. And has me rethinking this project.

Should I frog—and make the cowl wider? Currently it's just 18 inches. Deep cowls are so much nicer. Maybe I should cast on more stitches, and it would be better—and it would end up being shorter (that is I wouldn't have 10 inches of work per ball...)

Or—being a knitter who hates to frog—maybe--I could turn the work done so far into a hat. And then start again with a new ball and make a bigger matching cowl. The stitch has a lot of stretch—Oh but wait—those edges... no way I can sew up an invisible seam.

On the other hand, I could knit a long scarf.. 7 skeins at 10 inches a skein would make a long scarf...
Hell, no-- there is no way I am making a 70+ inch long scarf!

Other options? Lots....—Well I will have to think about what I will do.

Another distraction that kept me from the Green Leafy Shell was working on version 2 of the Square Peg hat—It still needs a bind off/brim—but the bulk of the hat has been knit—this time in Paton's SWS—I know that this is a discontinued yarn—but it was very popular—and there are tons of it stashed. Discount stores like Smiley's Yarn still have a stock (and its one of the yarns on a supersale next week—just $1.99 for a ball.)   The hat only requires 1 ball—or at least I am hoping it does! I want the pattern to be one that works in a number of yarns.. with 2 examples of how it looks—before I post it.

So—really I have gotten a lot of knitting done... Even if I didn't get a full inch done each day on the shell these past 2 days.

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