Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Squee! Joy! Yowza!

Can you tell I am happy? No--I didn't finish every last row and bind off my Shell –that's what I am doing today. 4 more rounds are needed—or at least that is what I decided last night. But by then, I was tired, and just couldn't face another round. The shell is is another inch and then some longer than when last seen—a hardly visible difference. I am not going to bother with another image. You can see it tomorrow when it's done.

I had hoped to finish, but no matter how many round I knit, it never seemed to get longer. (It still hasn't reached the magic measurement of 24 inches!) The light was low—though adequate—but I like strong light—especially with dark work. I found it tiring to knit. But as always the food was good—and so was the talk.

Liz—one of the new members didn't make it—but Monica—a member from long ago did. And bonus (for us, but not so much for her) she's moved nearby and will be coming more often. Tracy came by, too, another treat. It was a small group—but made better by Monica and Tracy's presence.

But wait there is more! Last week I won a blog contest sponsored by Laura Toomey Smoot—So yesterday I checked my mail box hoping my skein of home spun would be there waiting for me. It wasn't—You--and me--both will have to wait a few more days. Sure, you can run over to her blog, and see her photo... but I will feature a photo too.

What I found in my mailbox  instead was a souvenir package—My sister in Japan took a holiday trip to warmer weather—South to New Zealand. She got a tan and rest, I got Wool. Lovely wool! (OK so some of it is actually Australian wool, and not New Zealand wool—but let's not focus on that)

First 4 skeins of this 100% merino—What a beautiful turquoise—Yet another shade of this color that I love. It's only 200g and 300 meters—so it's not a lot.. But enough to make a scarf—especially if I pair it something else--or make it a lacy one.

Next is this 80% merino and 20% possum wool—New Zealand possum is nothing like the scraggly water logged marsupial of North America, and it's fur added to wool is lovely. Soft merino yarn made softer. I think yarn is so special it's going to stand on its own.

But this second multi-color wool? It is a good match for the solid turquoise—maybe stripes? Or something double knit? Or something on its own? A hat maybe? It has a lovely hand—so it will become some wonderful.

Multi color yarns like this last 2 are not usually a favorite—but the possum wool is predominantly blues—and I am sure I can find something I want to knit with it.  It is a small skein but there is  enough for a pair of fingerless gloves—I don't NEED another pair of fingerless gloves but I enjoy knitting them, and they might just be the perfect thing to do with yarn. Warm and soft and colorful. The other brighter more colorful yarn? I don't know just yet.

Finally,  when I got home, I could have picked up my Shell and finished it (or at least knit another round or two). But I didn't. On the way to knit night, I worked on my socks--the shell is just too big and awkward to work on when on the subway—especially when the trip is broken up. It's six stops on the R train, another half dozen on the 7.  And the transfer point has several flights of stairs--Plus an escalator ride.  The trip  is too broken up to do much except for some rounds on a small project.

So a few more round got done on the socks going to knit night. And another half dozen got done once I got home. Look! See how pretty they are already? The dark navy and white make a crisp design. As always, I like high contrast—and navy is nicer than black to knit with, though black (and white) is more traditional-- Who knows, maybe there are pair of black and white Sanquhar socks in my future too? Generally speaking, plain black is not fun to knit with. But if half the sock is pattern work—maybe a pair of black footed socks are possible.

Smiley's is having a sale this week, and I had planned to get there and maybe buy some yarn. But with yesterday's treat, and another one to come—I think I have enough new wool!


Judy said...

Here let me help you out again! LOL There os never enough wool!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Lovely lovely yarn snaps. And what a nice gift to finds in the mailbox! you have a very nice sister.

Knit night sounds like fun, too. I need more time in the week for a knit circle, but if ceramics keeps going down, I've been told to bring my knitting as it's fun to watch things grow on the needles.

What you are doing with the socks is brilliant. love the combo of navy and white.