Tuesday, January 08, 2013


I can have the Leafy Shell done by this time next week. It will be (fingers crossed!) about 23 inches long finished... a bit sort of the optimal 24 inches.. but OK.

Yesterday I finished off the mini skein-- it worked out to almost 1 full inch--(bringing the total to 15 inches).

I am tired off weaving in ends (I tend to do this as I go along, so that I don't have a lot of finishing to do at the end)--So I started in with the full skein—and I am now 4 rounds in. I haven't bothered to take a photo--1 inch  and a bit longer doesn't really look any different.

If I keep up at this rate –hardly a back breaking rate—of about 1 inch a day—in seven days—I'll have knit up the entire skein. Then--the shell will be finished. Well that's the theory—All I have to do is remind myself to get an inch/inch and half done every day! 

 I think I will. I want this sweater, I like this sweater--I have tried on the sweater, and I love how it fits and looks. Plus--I want so much to get started on knitting something from my every growing list of projects. My queue grows daily—Yesterday I added on the idea of sweater in the pink alpaca—and I've added 2 more ideas for socks to my sock queue—As it stands now, there are 17 ideas listed for general knitting—and 18 socks ideas!

When I am not knitting, I am reading, and writing, and planning—and doing my good works (on today's agenda is a trip with R for medical help). All is good.

I have some errands to run--(don't I always?) prescriptions to pick-up, and a new phone to purchase—my old cel phone, going on 2 years old—and it's dropped a few times—is—at the most inconvenient times—not working. The battery dies in a heart beat, and sometimes half the screen goes blank. I have some Christmas gifts (money and gift cards) and well, it's time. I have to get to the management office too—my rent (maintenance) is do (LATE)--well not so late that late fee's kick in (YET) but...

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