Monday, January 21, 2013

They Aren't Socks Yet

But close to it. Another inch (today) and toe (maybe today--maybe tomorrow morning) and they will be done. The top part of the sock is a bit shorter than my average sock (just a ½ inch) and the wool feels so big; it is so plump and thick --but I am getting just over (fractionally) 8 stitches to the inch—so its partly just an illusion. The gauge is slightly larger on the color work part of the sock— but sock are always knit with negative ease, so I don't mind a slight change in gauge between the solid blue and color work. It's quite visible when the sock is flat—but not at all noticeable when the sock is on( me) . Even on LEGS the socks look fine—though the color work is clearly loose on LEGS- (but then so is the foot part of the sock.)

After I finish these, it's off to do other stuff! But I do so love these socks—so much much so, I rummaged, through some boxes (still unpacked from 10 years ago) because I knew I had some navy twill—and I was right. I remembered having 2 lengths--(I do) but both are shorter than I remembered--(each less than 2 yards)--so my plans for an other 3 piece set (skirt/vest/jumper) aren't going to pan out. I have way more than I need for a skirt and vest.. but not enough for 2 skirts... Now I remember why I didn't do anything with these pieces before this!--Well-- I will make a skirt and vest—to start, and see what I can do with the rest!--maybe a second vest. (or half of second vest... Um, there is an idea.)

I haven't touch my sewing machine in weeks—but clearly—it's time. I will have to set aside at least one day each week to sew. First I need to finish the shirt I started before Christmas. Then, I still have a pretty blue print to make into a skirt, (and maybe half a vest, too—combined with the navy--I don't have enough make a full vest--but maybe the print in front, and the solid blue in the back and front facing.)  There is also another good length of mostly brown, (with blue and white) print—enough for a skirt, vest, and jumper –And I got a big piece of brown craft paper—I am going to make a new pattern for a jumper. Still a simple pull over dress, but I will move the darts, and make some other changes.

I have the fabric, I have the skill. I have the creative juices!--All I need to do is to get to work.

Meanwhile-- I still have the brick red, and plum lengths from several years ago (I have already knit sock to go with these fabrics!) and I have even more fabric in other boxes! Green is the color of year—and I have a good 6 yards of some green stuff.. (60 inches wide!) --and some pretty grey stuff, —a light grey length of wool, and a dark shale grey length of corduroy(another 6 yards or so) —Oh and wait—I have grey socks and a grey shawl in my queue—grey, grey, and grey—sounds like overkill—but so what! Grey is a nice neutral.

I also want to do some machine embroidery on some one of my plain jane solid T shirt tops. I am thinking of appliqueing some flowers/paisleys/geometric stuff on—at least one shirt—to start.. I have 3 or so solid black tops.. and 3 navy--(there was a sale, and I got there late--all that was left was black and blue...)

It would mean the top would really only go with the matching skirt/jumper—and I am not sure how much I want to limit the use of long sleeved T shirt top. But on the other hand.... it would be a nice touch. And beside, I am going to wear something with a skirt and vest.. Why not have at least 1 matched up top. My sewing machine is equipped with 30 or so fancy stitches—and I hardly ever make use of any of them.

So my plate is full. A lace mohair cowl to work on. A sparkly blue shawl to cast on...Sewing to do.
(and as always--as soon as finish the Sanquhar socks, MORE socks to knit!)   Every day is getting longer—It's so lovely to be out all day—and head home at dinner time—and to do so by failing light (and not in true darkness!)-- It is energizing---But I have to make good use of my time.. I am going to be busy in the coming months.

My Friend R had his surgery last week and all went well. But now he faces a few weeks in a rehab facility, and a some months of out patient visits for more rehab. For the first few weeks I will likely be playing chauffeur--(and waiting for him) Thankfully, knitting is portable! But when I am home, I need to be busy with my sewing.

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