Friday, January 04, 2013

Uh oh—A Distraction.

Many years ago I made a new years resolution that I have kept—well more or less kept. I decide I was wasting too much time watching junk on TV and then reading junk, too.

I resolved to watch more serious TV (like many—but not all)—of the shows on PBS—and to read 1 piece of non-fiction for ever 2 pieces of fiction. It's not that I still don't watch junk--(Like Big Bang Theory last night)--but I temper my TV watching with shows like NOVA, or Nature or real history or science, or other stuff.

Like wise, I wasted time (and it truly was a waste of time) this past summer reading junk like the Shades of Gray trilogy. (I didn't even think them particularly erotic—and the writing was pedestrian at best) and while my light reading has been magazines like Discover, I haven't really done any serious reading--(well there have been knitting books.. and they count as non fiction, right?) in a long while

But a Christmas present (it's still the Christmas season—and while this wasn't a real present—I can call it one) of a new book—Jared Diamond's The World Until Yesterday is a wonderful distraction and just the thing I need right now. Well, that is--what I need intellectually. Though, reading this 450 page tome is going to cut into my knitting time, though!

The subject s a topic I often think about. I am a city dweller—and I truly love living in NYC. Some cities (and NY is one) are very livable. I am surrounds by parks (like Flushing Meadow Park and Forest Park) and park like lands. My coop has 6 tall building—each surround by greenscape. There are treasures, too, in the greenscape; A peach tree, an apple tree, a cherry tree—crab apples too, and if you know were to look, wild strawberries, and mint, and basil. There are daylilies too, (but not near enough of the common ones to pluck off buds and make a meal of them) and I wouldn't dare pick off buds from fancy day lilies. There are and other edible flowers and weeds--(I do pick the weeds)). And there are the greens on my terrace and window boxes. Some herbs, and some flowers.. Hardly enough to feed me.. but.

I wish there were more delights like this—in every garden, on every terrace, in every apartment. I think cities could be (would be) better places to live with more parks, and park like land. With more community gardens and planters, too. Children would be healthier eating more fresh foods, too.

I have no desire to go back to the farm or even further back and to become a hunter/gatherer.. (But I never turn down venison, or other wild game when its offered!) I like city living and modern society—but I sometimes think we through out the baby with the bath water over time.

There are thing we can do—small every day things, and big urban projects, too, that can make city's better places. I really hate our throw it away thinking.. there are so many excess. But.... nothing is without cost. It will be interesting to see the ideas in this book—and to debunk some of the myths of simpler living (and perhaps learn some ways to have the best of both worlds.)

I am going to finish the second version of the Square Peg hat—before I start to read--well get to serious reading. (I have already started to read the introduction)  The pattern for the Square Peg hat  has been proofed--(and OH, so many errors!) and it's ready to go—I just want to have a second hat to show as a sample. I've just finished the crown of version 2—and will finish the rest of the hat later today.


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