Friday, February 22, 2013

A Full Bobbin of Thread Later

All the edges of the pieces have been finished. And 4 (of 6) skirts seams have been sewn.

It hardly seems like progress at all—it's still just prep work. And there is still more prep work to do!

I haven't yet cut center front interfacing for the vest, or waistband interfacing for skirt—and once cut,  these still need to be ironed on.

But they won't take long, nor will the pressing, and the work today should be all visible progress—First the skirt will come together, and followed by the vest out side, then the vest lining. I might even progress to getting the two vest parts assembled. (I might not—I never got out yesterday—and I need breakfast food.)

I might even get the scrabble bag done too.

I didn't finish the turquoise shirt—It's on a hanger, with the sleeves pinned in place. I just didn't want to spend any more time on it. After the black set, I will sew up the red vest, and then? I dunno!

I am thinking to first alter the jumper/pull over dress pattern—and make a version in the putty twill, and maybe, at the same time cut out a skirt in the pretty blue print, and an other version of the skirt and vest in the solid navy.

Pairs of skirts and vests, some in solids, some in prints, some very color coordinated, some not so much, along with a few jumper dresses have become my uniform.

But that is pretty standard for me. The basic uniform has changed over the years—and on and off, pants get added to the mix—denim and cord jeans when I was a teen, and then off and on again over the years, I have had times when pants were preferred, and predominated. I still own a few pairs of dressy pants—pleated fronts, inset pockets—one pair in a machine washable wool blend, another few in summery (light weight) linens. But I have always liked skirts. I think they are freer—easier to wear, easier to function in.

Just like my clothing—my meals tend to have a uniform quality to them. Rice cakes with almond butter, a small scoop of cottage cheese, a small orange and coffee. Come the warm weather, and berries or melon are substituted for the orange, and the coffee is iced (black).

Though this week, I have been changing up. I ran out of rice cakes on Monday, and the last scoop of cottage cheese on Tuesday. By tomorrow, I won't have any oranges.

Yesterday, I had a different, but healthy breakfast of eggs Florentine. LOTS of spinach—and a goodly amount of onion, too. When the spinach was just warm, I shaped the mass into a figure 8 and then nestled an egg each half. The spinach was cooked before the whites of the egg (on top) were set, so I just buried the eggs in warm spinach, to finish them cooking. (The yolks remained soft and liquid) A goodly grind of sea salt and pepper were the final touches. It's a very filling breakfast—and a good way to get more green vegetables in my diet. (Well in theory—but truth is, I had a very small salad at dinner—so my daily average really didn't increase.)

My other alternate breakfast is oatmeal.. (I had that Tuesday and Wednesday!) I am low on oat meal too, so I really must head out and get rice cakes, and cottage cheese, coffee, and oranges, steel cut out meal (if they have it), (and maybe even some eggs!) While I am at it, some more salad greens, and sweet potatoes.

After shopping,  a few hours of sewing—and after sewing, more sewing!

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