Monday, February 18, 2013

Cut Up

So I've cut some cloth—First a length of black twill is now cut into pieces for a skirt and vest (but the vest lining hasn't been cut yet). I was actually a bit short on fabric, and the vest will not have a front facing of the same fabric, but will be fully lined in a black poly/cotton. The lining wasn't cut, because I started yesterday with out any fabric for the lining. I chose plain black, because I didn't want to make it obvious—especially in the front, that the front facing wasn't the same fabric as the front.

A short length of red twill is now on its way to being a vest (a new variation, one with a V neck (vs a scoop one) and with a notched hem, too. Same basic pattern—just with a small change up!. This version is the longest yet—a full 3 inches longer than the original pattern. It will have welted, inset pockets, too, because I always want pockets—and I like hidden (in a side seam, in a welt) pockets better than patch pockets. (But patch pockets are better than none!)

An even shorter length of a polished cotton print was plenty for the lining. The front facing of the vest is not (generally) cut from lining fabric, but from the main fabric, so less fabric is needed for the lining. (see note about black vest above!) I like the idea of the red vest. It will be good with denim skirts, or the khaki, or black one for that matter. It will also work well with the dotty set—for a change up. I like vests, too, (could you guess?)--but this is the first time in my life I have had so many!  I like how they change a plain skirt and top outfit into something more like a dress.

A short length of denim has the vest pieces laid out and pinned in place. I might have some fabric for lining this—but I am considering making it reversible. I might have something that will work... Or if I don't, well there are lots of idea for denim “go with's ! The denim version is also going to be V necked and notched hem. Likely it will have pearl snaps (I have more of them) or else I will splurge and get the copper rivet type buttons. Small detail like that make a simple vest. The denim vest will have pockets too, but patch ones—more in keeping, I think.

So, while I didn't really get any sewing done—I have a good start to a sew fest! I needed a few things to proceed--Like lining fabric for the black vest—and at the same time bought some gold rick rack as a trim around the edge of the black vest. I already have buttons for the red vest—but I need something for the black (gold buttons, to match the rick rack might be nice—but I didn't find any I like.) I have plain black ones as a fall back. I have plenty of spools—and plenty of interfacing. I tend to buy interfacing in 3 to 5 yard lengths. I need it all the time, for everything—even if just to re-enforce a welted pocket opening. Buying it quantity is a trick I learned from my mother.

And I still have so much more fabric to cut! I should dig out the rich emerald green wool I have—enough for a suit--(or easily enough for skirt and vest!) --and there is a chunk of linen I have been saving for a few years--(a few years? Make that a few decades!) Maybe a new summer set. But I also have a brown and blue print, and a beautiful blue toned print (just enough for a skirt—which I hate, because it so beautiful! I wish I had yards and yards of this print!)

But that didn't stop me from picking up a slightly damaged length of a brushed twill. It's a putty color— nor quite grey, lighter than khaki. There is more than enough for me to work around the damage—which is all on the selvage—and still ending up with a jumper dress. Naturally--the price was right! I have a few versions of the jumper dress—most of them in prints. A nice neutral solid will be a good addition. Plus—I am going to alter the basic pattern a bit—moving the darts, and lengthening the bodice so the waist seam is closer to my natural waist (and not in the midrift.)--all the craft paper I have will be put to good use!

Another few rounds were worked on the socks, too, bringing them closer to the more detailed fancy work that will be needed.

Finally, I have to do some extra sewing—I need to make up a project bag—and to gather some things together for a blog contest-- My most popular video on my YouTube channel   is at 95,000+ hits and growing fast. I want to celebrate when it hits 100,000 hits. (100,000 hits—it's almost viral!) There are more videos, some exclusive—on my Golden Apples Face book page—Have you Like'd me there yet? It will be a while yet--but keep watching (here and on You Tube!) it won't be long. 

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